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By Domoni

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I would like to thank the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Naomi’s grandmother has died. Since her mother had died when she was two, and never revealed who Naomi’s father was, she had been raised by her grandmother. Now she’s 35, single and with no family. She does have a box of journals and personal belongings from her mother and grandmother that all point to Oldcastle England. Small English towns like their peace and protect their secrets. Her grandmother’s painting done by a York, from York manner has Naomi thinking perhaps she’s related to the handsome Oliver York, the current Lord of the Manor, but as Naomi and Oliver get closer to the truth, things are starting to get dangerous for Naomi. Add in the chemistry between the couple and this could be a disaster.

This was a quick fun read. The author created characters with depth and personality. I enjoyed that the character’s all had their own issues and concerns outside of the main focus of the story. The web of mystery that was woven around this small town was complex. As soon as I thought I had it figured out, my theories were dashed. I love a good mystery that isn’t predictable, and this is definitely one of those. Though there were many twists, they made excellent sense and weren’t just thrown in to throw the reader off.

I loved how the story wove through the three women’s lives. Discovering the mystery of Naomi’s grandfather and father and why the women chose to keep those secrets was fulfilling. The stories and lies created to hold their lives together made sense in the moment. This book was a refreshing read.

This book was also a rather passionate read at times. The intimate scenes were hot and emotional. They were not overly graphic but full of real emotion. This was a nice change from much of the over crafted love scenes that populate the current crop of romance novels of late. Things all flowed in a smooth order and made sense with the story.

I enjoyed the writing style of this author and would gladly read more by them. I rarely rate a romance so highly but this was well enjoyed and earned its 5 out of 5 stars.

About the author:


Robena Grant writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense about ordinary women thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Travel and discovering new places brings her great pleasure, and she often includes these discoveries in her stories. She is Australian by birth, lives in Southern California, and has two grown children.


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Naomi’s heartbeat took off like a rocket. She could be related to that stuck up, silent, mist-dwelling early morning walker…that Oliver York. Memories of checking out his thighs, and gorgeous tight ass, caused a pulse in her neck to throb. Her cheeks tightened. They were most likely bright red by now, but thank goodness for the roaring fire. 

The bell on the door tinkled. 

“Good morning, Mr. York.” Annie jumped from her chair, beaming. “What a pleasant surprise. We seldom get the pleasure of your company, sir. Will you be having breakfast?”

“Ah,” he said and cleared his throat.

Naomi took a peek. He looked wet and serious, as he rubbed a finger above his upper lip. “I came to apologize to the young woman. Saw her bicycle out front.” He stuck a hand inside his soaking wet jacket, pulled out two apples and put them on the table. Then he peeled off the jacket, walked back to hang it on a peg, dripping puddles of water as he went.

Naomi sat, transfixed. He’d returned her apples? 

“They’re new, picked them myself.”

They were damp. She held them gently, inspecting the fruit for bruises. Then she frowned, as her head shot up. “You stole these apples, picked them off someone’s tree?”

“I own the orchards, but no, I didn’t pick them from a tree. It’s winter.” He nodded toward the apples and one corner of his mouth quirked a little. “Those are from a barrel, and most likely from New Zealand.”

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