Book Tour: Emissary by Michael Leon

By Domoni

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I would like to thank the author for an ARC copy of this story to read in exchange for an honest review.

Vincent is an intelligent man working hard to prove he is past the troubles of his youth. As a boy, he had dreams and delusions, medication helped but not before he developed a drug addiction. 5 years have passed and he is trying to forget those trying times. He works with a beautiful woman that he can’t get enough of and hopes for more than friendship with her. When she asks him to help her and their coworker on a project, he can’t believe his luck. Though the morning they are to meet, he feels the old familiar tingle. Now he is thrown back into the insanity of his youth, but he is not insane. All he experienced was real and it was not of the Earth.

This story is amazing. I absolutely love the concept.  The delivery was not as good as the idea for me, and so at times I found it hard to read. The story would hit slow patches that would drag on and I would start to lose interest. This is unfortunate, because the story being told is quite wonderful. I could invasion a movie without trying very hard. I enjoyed the premise and the way the characters interacted. I just wish that it had a good edit to clear up the parts that bogged me down. Having read Cubeball, another book by this author, I think perhaps his writing style is where I struggle, though others may not have the same complaints. Some of the greatest science fiction authors write in this same fashion, where the focus on the bit of tech or trick removes me from the story they are telling. So, I have no problem recommending this book to others who enjoy sci-fi, as they may love it even more than me.

I believe these types of stories are best read more than once, this helps you connect more fully with the tale being told and helps the brain work past the slow bits. I would be willing to read more about the world the author created around these characters. A science fiction love story that moves is hard to create and yet here it is.

4 out of 5 stars

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Vincent finally relaxed five minutes out from Victoria Station. The threat had passed and his spirits lifted when Ella walked from the adjoining carriage to sit opposite him. Her anxiety seemed to diminish as she too sat back in the blue velvet seat and gazed out at the passing scenery.

“I love trains, the way they glide. They almost float,” she said, admiring the view for a time, before closing her eyes.

Vincent wanted to ask her if they were being followed, but he let her rest, instead studying the contours on her smooth face, her beauty accentuated by the morning light. He imagined kissing her tender cheeks as he had done so often before, his feelings intense, sparked by the earlier soft caress of her hands at Victoria Station. What strange powers did she and Constantine possess? Were they friends or frauds playing on his frailties? If his visions were real, then the truth was he’d never been ill, but if that were the case, could he ever rid himself of the deadly force?

The only certainty he felt was that Ella’s smooth touch excited him, like no other woman he had met. He fantasised that when she caressed his hands at the station, she was showing her true feelings – but he knew that not to be true. Somehow he had to break through Ella’s guard and show his true feelings for her. Even in danger his desire for her remained. As Vincent studied her, Ella drifted into a deep sleep, looking still and serene, as if she was a painting on a canvas – a familiar canvas he had seen many times before. He felt the same way about Constantine and now David. He knew he had not met any of them before and yet his instincts stayed with the idea that he had, in another life perhaps – and in that life he was sure he loved Ella deeply and she him. Like a greedy child, Vincent wanted that love again and again. If he could find the courage to face the shadows, he might yet convince her of his love and unlock her mystery. He wanted to wake her, tell her how he felt, but dared not……

~~Meet the Author~~

Michael Leon

Michael Leon is a science fiction writer with two published novels: Cubeball and Emissary. Besides those, Michael has written Extinction and Adaption and is currently writing Alive, which will be released in late 2017. His work blends speculative fiction with a social voice. Michael was born in Melbourne, Australia and pursued careers in retailing and international business. Michael Leon’s work has been labelled by reviewers as science fiction thrillers.



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