Book Tour: Emerge Beyond Circles, by John Greers

By Domoni

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I would like to thank the author for the opportunity read an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Since humans became aware, millennia ago, the coven has watched over them. Thuban-Pol is the last in the line of Siberian witches that have stood watch for 30,000 years each. Her one job is to cultivate true love. The coven has sworn to guide humanity to it through suffering and perseverance. None have realized it yet. Now two couples from Wisconsin have followed the hidden trail to Thuban-Pol in the hopes of being sure they have true love. Is the love a couple has, actually true love though? Can it survive the test?

Clint and Lucy made the trek to Thuban-Pol’s shack in the tundra.  Lucy made the vow to sacrifice and remain loyal to the man she loved. To show their love was true, Thuban-Pol blinds Clint. Lucy is given the poem that will restore his vision, but she can only speak the words on the day she is sure that Clint truly loves her.

Marc and Tanya are young and blissfully in love with each other. Though only together a short time, they believe they are all that they need. A romantic escape from the sorrow of losing Tanya’s father puts them on a path to meet with Thuban-Pol as well. Though their path is rougher, their convictions are strong. When the ancient witch asks the couple if they would sacrifice their time together for a promise of true loves reunion they say yes.  Now they must wait till young Tanya’s hands are as ancient as the Siberian sorceress, till they can have their reunion. Can love wait so long?

This book moved me. At times in the beginning was slow and I felt like it didn’t make sense, the end was well worth the wait. The author has painted a beautiful world full of characters who have experienced pain and love and fear and hope. The wise witch who has lived for many thousands of years with her manservant and her companion, the Siberian tiger Draconis, thinks her coven has taught her all she needed to know. Can love be crafted as she was lead to believe, or is all she has ever known wrong? The conflict the author created between each of the couples, as well as inside each of the individuals, was very real and vivid. It was easy to relate to the characters. This book took me through many emotions and left me grounded in hope. What was proposed as a fantasy novel, became a love story to love.

I can easily give this book a 5 out of 5 stars and will look forward to reading more from this author.

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~~About the author~~

John Geers drew inspiration to begin his debut novel from a dream he experienced.

 Hours spent in the caffeinated air of his favorite coffeehouse proved to be the perfect place to complete Emerge Beyond Circles.

 John is a middle school literacy educator, where he inspires and is inspired by the writers of tomorrow. He is the founder and facilitator of his school’s Creative Writing Club. He is also a columnist for the online magazine Elephant Journal.

He loves a good story, being on the water, and witty puns. He can be found hiking the wilderness, biking big hills, sipping dark coffee, and looking for a chair in the mall. 

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