Table Taps: The Red Dragon Inn

By Courtney

We love to play table top games together and are often wanting to try new games. When we get together and enjoy the game, we may write about it to share with our followers. These segments will be Table Taps. Our first game is The Red Dragon Inn, enjoy!

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The Red Dragon Inn is the inn where heroes go to relax between quests.  While there, they buy each other drinks, gamble away their loot, and hurt each other accidentally on purpose.  In Red Dragon Inn, the game, you play one of these adventuring heroes.  The goal, don’t pass out or lose your money.  Last player standing, no matter how wobbly, is the winner.

At the beginning of the game, choose your character,  shuffle your deck, and draw seven cards.  You’ll see action cards, that can only be played on your turn, sometimes cards, which can only be played sometimes, and anytime cards, which can be played anytime.  If you get lost, read your cards, they tell you everything you need to know.

Every turn is in four parts.  Discard (if you want) and draw up to seven cards.  Play your action card(s).  Buy a drink for a friend.  Drink your drink.  Use these parts to cause as much damage to your opponent’s purse, body, and liver, in the name of having a good time.

A few of the cards

There are 5 expansions and 9 individual allies.  Each expansion will come with four character decks, a drink deck, four game boards, eight glass baubles, and 50 coins.  You can play the game with any of the expansions, in any order.  Each ally comes with a character deck, a game board, two cardboard baubles, and 15 coins.  Allies game board and coins are smaller than the expansion boards and coins.  You cannot play allies by themselves unless you have a drink deck available to use. When we played, we used a combination of the original, the second expansion, and an ally.

We learned to play this game on a Friday night. Initially I was skeptical about comprehending it, because by Friday night around 9pm, I have the mental facilities of a whiny, tired five-year-old. However, I was assured that there would be alcohol (which I wasn’t entirely sure would help with the learning process). A couple people really wanted to play the game and they said I could wear my pajamas.

Games, Booze, Snacks, and pajamas with my friends, I am in!

We had a total of five players in this game, with only one of them that had ever played it before. We relied heavily on Hannah to explain the rules and to make sure that we were following them. I opted out of reading the rules because I didn’t want to and Hannah has a reputation for being honest. We made the decision not to drink for the first game so we could figure it out. Ironically the point is to get everyone else’s character drunk while trying to stay sober yourself.

It took about one game, (which only took about 20 minutes) for everyone to be comfortable with the rules and know-ish what they were doing. It was definitely not as difficult to learn as I was initially thinking.  We started drinking more in game two and proceeded to drink for the remaining time we played.

The different characters were a lot of fun to play and we traded characters over the course of four games. This game requires two to four people, (we had fun with five) and I’d imagine it would be fun with a couple more players as well. There was potential strategy that you could use to play this game if you decided you HAD to win, but for the most part we just enjoyed screwing everyone over equally and having fun. The art on the game was cool and I was a fan of the sassy flavor text on some of the cards.
I would rate this game 4.5 stars out of 5 stars because the additional characters you can buy would keep the game exciting

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