Brooklyn Nine-Nine

By Hannah


Brooklyn Nine Nine is in its fourth season.  It features a police precinct in Brooklyn, the Nine Nine, hence the name.  As they work together to solve crimes and put criminals in jail, they also grow closer as friends and have kooky adventures.  This is a general review of the show, so you can catch up while it’s on winter hiatus.


Jake Peralta is a young Jewish gentleman with daddy issues, poor hygiene, and an optimistic outlook on life.  Amy Santiago is from a cop family.  She has seven brothers, a competitive spirit, and a love for all things organized.  Charles Boyle is the kid everyone made fun of in elementary school.  He loves food, dogs, and his best friend, Jake.  Rosa Diaz is a mystery, wrapped in an riddle, covered in rage, and given a badge.  In short she is a bad ass.  Hitchcock and Scully are older detectives on the verge of retiring.  They make great coffee, have been partners since the 70s, and are often the butt of the group’s jokes.  Terry Jeffords is the sergeant.  He has twin toddlers, loves yogurt, and is a very physically intimidating teddy bear.  Gina Linneti is the civilian consultant and personal assistant to the captain.  She loves to dance, identifies the wolf as her spirit animal, and is the center of the universe.  Captain Raymond Holt is an older openly gay black man.  He has an impeccable poker face, loves classical music, and does not like brown nosers.


I love the fact that the very first season had a Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episode.  I think most shows skip Halloween in their first season in favor of going all out on the Thanksgiving or Christmas episode.  Possibly Halloween hasn’t been as important in the past for “adults” as it is today.  But Halloween is a big day for a cop, parties, drunk and disorderlies, and candy to check, so they made an episode.  


I’m a sucker for banter.  It’s a great way to see how characters interact with each other.  I also like that it shows how their brains work.  Peralta and Santiago are complete opposites, but they have a cute awkward vibe to their interactions.  Rosa and Captain Holt deadpan their way through highly emotional scenes.  Gina and Boyle have alpha vs. beta sibling-esque interactions.  Hitchcock and Scully are practically married.  Terry is a bit of a wild card.  Usually he is the voice of reason, shouted at you through a megaphone.  However there are times when he gets into his own head and tries to lift his way out of the situation.


So far my favorite episodes for each season are Full Boyle(season 1), Beach House(season 2), Halloween III(season 3), and Coral Palms Part 3(season 4).  The season 4 episode may change once it resumes this spring.  I like these episodes because it shows how the team supports one another, adjusts to change, and how they have fun together.


This show helps to humanize detectives, because it focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the unit.  They aren’t perfect, they aren’t super sleuths, and they aren’t the evil faceless regime that many people fear them to be.  Instead we meet a bunch of dorks with badges.  Dorks who like solving puzzles, protecting their neighborhoods, and arguing about the best cop movies.  Instead of a stale procedural drama, that focuses on one crime at a time, we get a fresh comedy that focuses on the balance between work life and personal life.


Brooklyn Nine Nine airs on Fox and will return in Spring of 2017.  Once it returns, I plan on reviewing the current episodes as they air.


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