DVD Rewind: Deadpool, Directed by Tim MIller

By Hannah

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One year ago, Hollywood finally came out with a good Valentine’s movie.  It has everything you want in a romantic movie, without relying on too many of the creepy tropes found in romantic movies.  No creepy bets/pacts, love triangles, or run away briding.  It’s just the story of a cancer survivor, overcoming adversity to meet up with the love of their life.

This is a totally biased review.  I love this movie.  After the first time I saw it I told anyone who would listen that as soon as it came out on DVD I would buy it, watch it non stop until I had the movie memorized, and cosplay Deadpool at the next convention.  I’m close to completing those goals.  In fact, a while back I had no internet for a few weeks.  During that time I watched this movie so often that once, after finishing it, I restarted it with director’s commentary and I still found it entertaining.


Meet Wade Wilson, a loud mouthed Canadian gun for hire.  After being dishonorably dispatched he found work at Sister Margaret’s as a mercenary, where he meets the love of his life Vanessa.  After getting engaged, they find out that Wade has terminal cancer.  Modern medicine can’t help, but that’s okay, because a shady dude in a suit approaches Wade with the opportunity to become a super soldier and possibly cure his cancer along the way.

After much debate, Wade sneaks out in the middle of the night and agrees to participate in the program.  While there, he meets and is tortured by Ajax and Angel.  Over the course of a montage, we find out that torture is not fun.  We also find out that Wade didn’t lose his loud mouth ways.  Eventually all the torture works, because Wade gets super healing powers that cure his cancer… kind of.  Then he escapes and goes to find Vanessa.


He finds her, but doesn’t go to talk with her because he has body issues.  His new powers left him covered from head to toe in cancer tumors.  Logically the only thing Wade can do is hunt down anyone associated with the project, trying to find Ajax so he can fix Wade’s ugly mug.  To do this he becomes a masked vigilante who goes by the name Deadpool.


Hijinks and gratuitous violence ensue.  This is a gross movie.  It’s funny, but it’s really gross.  Blood and guts fly everywhere during the fights.  In the opening scene, a henchman is pancaked against a highway sign, by flying into it head first.  Later, Deadpool decapitates a goon and kicks the head into other goons.  If you can’t handle this, don’t watch the movie.  It only gets grosser.

For a movie that doesn’t pass the Bechdel test (two named female characters talking about something other than a man) this is a movie with great female representation.  Vanessa is a working girl (warm and fuzzies for money).  Throughout her scenes she is seen as smart, funny, tough, and compassionate.  When Vanessa says that she is not the damsel in distress type, she means it. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is goth and has a buzz cut.  She’s also snarky, sullen, and is basically a teenager.  Angel Dust doesn’t have many lines, but she is incredibly strong.  She can hold her own in a fight against Collosus, even though she doesn’t have his reach. Blind Al is blind, clearly.  She also holds her own verbally against Deadpool, has a history of drug use, and keeps a piece strapped to her ankle.  These are the four main named women in the story.  They each have different personalities, looks, and reasons for being in the story.  Without these women in these places, the story would not be nearly as worth it.

This is a comic book movie, but it has things that can be enjoyed by all levels of fans.  If you are a hard core Deadpool fan, this has the snappy one liners, 4th wall breaking, and nonlinear storytelling that is seen often in Deadpool comics.  If you are a hardcore Ryan Reynolds fan and know nothing about Deadpool, this has a lot of Ryan Reynolds in it.  Probably more than any other movie that he has been in.  If you are not hardcore, but more softcore/fair weather fans, this has a great soundtrack, lots of fun choreography, snappy one liners, and an awkwardly long sex scene at the beginning.

My only recommendation for this movie is that you don’t watch it with children or your parents.  Otherwise enjoy.

5 out of 5 stars


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