Uratarou by Nakayama Atushi and translated by Jaiminis Box

By Hannah


I found Uratarou on my manga reader app, ZingBox.  At the moment it is not for sale in the US.  You can find it on many manga sites such as mangafox, mangaupdates, and mangahere.  It updates weekly-ish.  Once the manga is licensed for the US, please support the artist by buying their work.

Chiyo is 15 years old.  She likes to eat, has a lot of energy, and is on a quest for immortality.  At the beginning of this story, she only has 1 year to live.  Her quest leads her to an immortal Kijin, who has been on this earth for 800 years and wants to die, but he can’t.  So instead, he decides that sleeping is the next best thing.  Chiyo learns that the Kijin can’t pass on immortality, so she convinces him to join her quest with the promise that once she is immortal, she will kill him.  Hilarity ensues.

The Kijin, named Uratarou by his adopted family 800 years agos, is a skinny, tattoo covered, zombie looking guy with crazy hair.  He walks around in tattered pants with no shoes or shirt. Chiyo is supposedly a princess born during the Genpei War in Japan and she is 15 years old.  She is wearing a hoodie, short dress and ballet flats that lace up her legs.  I like the fact that people stare at them when they go into towns, because they are not wearing the same kind of clothes as the other people.  Often manga will ignore the fact that their characters look weird.

The artwork features huge eyes, small mouths, and pear shaped women.  It’s super cute and creepy.  Chiyo often has coughing fits that end up covering her in artistically splashed blood, then they do a close up of her eye, which makes Chiyo look a little crazy.  Uratarou has spirals in his eyes and sharp pointy teeth when he grins.  Tears bubble up around eyes before spilling down the cheeks.  It makes for some cute, ugly crying.

The fight scenes are interesting.  When you have an immortal character, expect a lot of blood and gore.  Also expect a unique style of hand to hand fighting.  Uratarou’s headbutt is a ranged attack.  Chiyo’s contribution to fights so far has been to act as a distraction.  She’s brave, but not very strong yet.

There are a few nude scenes, but there are no gratuitous panty shots and nobody falls in such a way that their face lands in boobs or a lap.  Which is one way in which  the ecchi aspect of the manga is tamer than other manga I’ve read.

This manga is categorized as action, ecchi, historical, and seinen.  Action means that there is generally a lot of fighting.  Check, there is a fight in just about every chapter.  Ecchi usually means that there are adult situations, like nudity, sex jokes, or a lot of poop jokes.  Check, but this one is tamer than most manga that fall into the ecchi category.  Historical means that it is taking place on Earth sometime in the past.  Check-ish.  This is an alternative reality where the winner of the Genpei War(1180-1185) was the Taira clan instead of the Minamoto clan.  Seinen is a category of manga marketed for adolescent boys and men old enough to read kanji.  So in my case… not a check because I am not an adolescent boy and I can’t read kanji.

This manga feels really frantic.  There is a lot of yelling, crying, and laughing.  Often all on the same page.  I can’t always tell why a character will react the way they do.  Sometimes it’s explained later, but for the most part, actions are fast and reactions are faster.  This is a fun manga that I will continue reading as it updates.  If it continues to be as fun, cute, creepy, and crazy as it is now, I will buy the volumes if it is licensed to print in the US.

4 out of 5 stars

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