Riverdale Chapter 1: The River’s Edge

By Courtney


I’ve been eagerly anticipating the CW’s new show Riverdale, since I first heard about it a couple months ago. I even watched the trailer, which I don’t generally do for television shows, and it looked excellent. The trailer promised a good mix of drama, supernatural elements and cast of characters that would be familiar. I will say that I have never read any of the Archie comics, so my excitement came with very little background knowledge of the subject matter in this case. This show is loosely based around the Archie comics.

The show starts as it should, by introducing the characters: Betty the girl who is pretty and blonde and focused on getting into college, Veronica, the brunette, who is the new girl with the shady family past and Archie, the best friend of Betty who is a football star who also happens to write music and is adorable. There are of course the other minor characters whom we get to know less well; one of the more interesting ones is Cheryl who is clearly the redheaded villainess of the show. Cheryl has a twin brother who dies mysteriously on the fourth of July while they are out on the river. Cheryl is the only witness and the body is never found, so it’s chalked up as an accident, but is it? There are a lot of stereotypical character tropes that happen in the first episode, however; you’re given just enough information about each character, that you want to know more.


The first episode of this show did not disappoint. It would have been easy for the writers to drag out certain stereotypical storylines, but if they do (it’s one episode, I’m not sure yet), they’re going to be done in an interesting way. Betty decides that she wants to be more than friends with Archie, and he tells her by the end of the first episode that he will never be good enough for her, thus breaking her heart. I did wish that I had them as barbie dolls so I could mash their faces together at that point, but I respected the show for not dragging that out. There is clearly more mystery and I hope that Betty and Veronica’s friendship will continue growing and that they will explore the mysteries together with Archie. We don’t meet the character of Jughead until the end of the first episode. He gives Archie advice about dealing with Betty, he tells her to talk to her, that doing so would have helped a lot with him. This show was excellent at making me want to know more information about all of the characters. Quite frankly I wish it were on Netflix so I could binge watch it. The music in the show was great as was the lighting, it was purposefully kept on the darker sides and reminded me of what they did with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s supposed to be dark so that was the look they gave it.

I would rate it 4.5 stars out of five. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Riverdale airs on the CW Thursday nights at 9:00 PM


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