Supernatural S12 E9 “First Blood”

By Domoni



When last we saw the Winchesters, they had just removed Lucifer from the presidents body. Not soon enough, as he was able to impregnate a staffer with a nephilim. Castiel was sent to keep track of the woman, while our boys got arrested by the secret service.  Enter Hiatus…..

Sam and Dean are in the hole. Locked away in a black site prison. None of the hunter contacts can track them and Cass and Mary are becoming more and more despondent. The white haired jackass lets the boys know there will be no torture, only nothing. 6 weeks of the same walls, no contact, no conversation, nothing, the brothers are willing to die, this is too much. Enter the spoilers…


Dean calls on Billie and makes a deal, she talks to Sam and he agrees. The Winchesters die, again. Removed from their cells and taken to the morgue, the Winchesters are alive, again. Able to break out of the prison, they run through the woods of Colorado, hunted by military, hoping Cass and Mary will find them in time.  Almost caught, they subdue a soldier and carry out a conversation with the man who believes he is hunting the brothers. Dean sets him right.



The tables are turned, as is always the case when you have a Winchester against the ropes. Traps are set and our boys make it to the rendezvous with Momma Mary and forlorn Cass. How did Mary find them in the wild woods of Colorado? With a little help from the British Men of Letters. The plastic men (seriously, why do they look like the guys from Lazy Town, or some possessed creation of Madame Tussaud?) have vast tools and want to use them to work with hunters in America. Though they have had little luck convincing any hunters.


After being reunited, Cass and the Winchesters head out. Midnight strikes and the car stalls, the twist has come. Billie got them out, but she wants her payment. The only thing Billie has always wanted, was for a dead Winchester to die, again, and this time stay dead. Enter the typical pitch of brother sacrificing himself for his brother, until the parent sacrifices themselves for the son. Cass has had enough, he kills Billie and gives a speech about how much the world needs the Winchesters and how much he cares for them. (Sorry Billie, I really liked you)


The episode wraps with the plastic letters killing everyone who had contact with the boys at the black ops site. Must keep things tidy. Then Mary seems to be coming around to the plastic way of thinking.

While this episode had plenty of the things the show is known for, we didn’t need each one of them to be included in the episode. It was a bit of a bridge episode, but it could have been more. 250 episodes is a milestone and I expected a bit more than some new catchy one liners, perfect for the gif crowd on Tumblr. Not much happened to progress the story, so I hope the next episode jumps right into the hunt and takes us back to the show we love. What did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comments.

Supernatural airs on the CW network, Thursday nights at 8


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4 thoughts on “Supernatural S12 E9 “First Blood”

  1. […] Last weeks episode, we saw Castiel kill Billie  to save the Winchesters, cosmic consequences be damned. This week, a cranky Dean is giving Cass the cold shoulder for taking such a risk. Between the silent treatment and the snark, Sam is playing peace maker as the boys head off to meet up with some angels from Castiel’s past to find out who is killing their kind. First,they must survive the worlds most awkward family road trip. […]


  2. @nanni ,evo dire che io la prima volta che ho visto Starship Troopers ero ancora abbastanza pischello e tutta il lato satirico mi è scivolato addosso. Ma tra l’altro,qualcuno ha visto Showgirls? C’è anche lì la satira ed è stato flop immeritato o che?


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