Supernatural S12 E10 “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”

By Domoni


Last weeks episode, we saw Castiel kill Billie  to save the Winchesters, cosmic consequences be damned. This week, a cranky Dean is giving Cass the cold shoulder for taking such a risk. Between the silent treatment and the snark, Sam is playing peace maker as the boys head off to meet up with some angels from Castiel’s past to find out who is killing their kind. First,they must survive the worlds most awkward family road trip.


We get to meet the grouchy angels Ishim and Mirabel, who Cass served with well before the apocalypse in season 3. Neither approve of Castiel’s involvement or attachment to humans, especially Ishim. Though Cass tells them to wait outside, impatient Dean storms in and makes himself cozy, injecting himself into the conversation and diving into the mystery of who is killing off the other members of the angelic battalion. Because why not make things more awkward, right.


When Mirabel is killed and then Ishim is attacked outside the diner, we get our first look at Lily Sunder.  Castiel and Ishim fill us in on the mission over 100 years that has lead to that days events. Supposedly Lily married an angel and they had a child. Ishim led his troop to their farmhouse and sentenced the rogue angel Akobel to death, Castiel (in his previous female vessel) does the deed. Ishim himself then enters the home to kill the child, sparing the mother. Being a scholar of angelic lore, Lily found ways to harness the magic of the angels to prolong her life and give her the power needed to achieve her revenge. Her reluctance to fight the human Winchesters gives the brothers the idea to talk with her and see if they can work something out to spare their friends life.

When Lily is located, her story is not what was expected. Her fascination with angels led her to summon one. Ishim arrived and shared his wisdom with Lily. He became obsessed and when she spurned him, she turned to Akobel for protection. Ishim then concocted a ruse to make her suffer, killing her guardian and then her human daughter. When Dean returns to Castiel and Ishim, he admits to the truth and attacks Cass and Dean.  Castiel is very weak from healing Ishim of the wounds received in the earlier fight with Lily and can do little to protect Dean from Ishim, until Lily and Sam return and join the battle.  Lily is able to hold off Ishim with her powers long enough for Cass to strike the killing blow.


Castiel seems to be the final Angel from the squad led by Ishim that attacked Lily’s home so long ago. Over a hundred years driven by revenge does not end easily. Castiel is filled with remorse at the knowledge he had a part in the death of her daughter. Dean makes it clear he won’t let her kill Cass.


At which point Cass tells her how very sorry he is. He recognizes the pain she has been through and how little he would ever be able to understand its depth. He also tells her if she finds that she cannot forgive him for his part in her suffering, he will be waiting for her to find him again.  Cue my ugly cry……

Back at the bunker, the brothers try and cheer Castiel up by telling him how much he matters and how far he has come, then the introspection must begin. They have to hunt down pregnant staffer Kelly and her unborn child, but can they kill them?

This episode was everything I love about Supernatural. After the slight ambivalence i had at last weeks episode, i am more hopeful for the continuing season.

Supernatural airs on the CW Thursdays at 8:00 P.M.


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