Book Tour: Those Who Are Left by Josh Stricklin

By Domoni

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The world has gone wrong. People are becoming rage-filled unthinking monsters. Most attack anything that moves. It all happened so fast. One night things were normal and the next day the world as everyone knew it had ended. Derek was just going about his day in his barn when his hired hand attacked him with a pickax. He was saved by a young stranger, Mark. They set out together to find Mark’s sister and Derek’s wife. Along the way they pick up post grad student Katy and the trio decide to stay together. When they get to Jackson, where Mark’s sister is a cop, they find a town divide. In Jackson, even most of the unchanged humans are monsters. Survival is all they can work towards when people do not want to be saved.

I love this story. It is told from the perspective of Derrick’s memory. The author has captured a terrifying reality about how inhuman humans can be. I was grabbed immediately by this story and did not want to put it down. The zombie like creatures are terrifying and I would kill to see a film made from this book. I usually get annoyed when a big gives away things that are yet to come, however, this story kept hinting at a characters tragic outcome and the way it was done made things more exciting for me. I feared the inevitable moment that my mind kept creating and I got so anxious it simply fueled on my excitement and I devoured the story.

I would gladly read anything written by this author and I would like to thank them for the ARC copy of this story in exchange for my honest review.

5 out of 5 stars

~~about the author~~


Josh Stricklin is an American author and musician with degrees in English literature and advertising from the University of Southern Mississippi. His first novel, Those Who Are Left, made its debut in 2015. The terrifying follow up, The King of Evil, is available from Silver Leaf Books. He’s currently hard at work finishing his first series…or more likely reading comic books and wearing a Seahawks jersey.


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