Eventful: Annie Bellet Book Signing

By Courtney

Annie Bellet

Portland is home to one of my favorite places in the world, and that place is called Powell’s Books. There are a few locations within the greater Portland area, including one a few miles from my house in Beaverton. Powell’s regularly has author signings, where authors come to promote their new books and sign copies of their work for people. It is a really great way to meet people, and you can also learn a lot about authors by the way they interact with the people who buy their books. Meeting authors is also one of my favorite reasons to go to comic con; I’ve actually stopped buying certain comics after witnessing authors repeatedly being rude to their fans. I have yet to witness a book author doing this however. My point is, meeting authors is important because there is a lot of content to read and absorb in the universe and not a lot of time to do it in. When authors are rude, I stop buying their product.


Annie Bellet writes the book series the Twenty Sided Sorceress; she stopped by Powell’s in Beaverton on January 4th 2017. I had just finished reading her first anthology; Level Grind which I have reviewed, and she was there to promote her second anthology Boss Fight. I wanted to meet the woman writing the nerdiest, coolest female heroine that I had ever read. I have been to several book signings at Powell’s and I can honestly say that they’ve all been fun and a little different from each other, but they generally all follow the standard question and answer formula. I thought this book signing was going to be more of the same and I was looking forward to it. Annie arrived and the first thing I noticed was the Firefly leggings she was wearing and the Firefly tattoo on her arm. Nothing warms me to people faster than a mutual love of Firefly; I was pretty sure I was going to like this woman.

The clock hit seven and Annie Bellet was introduced to the small crowd of people excited to see her. She started off by informing us that she was not going to read any of her book out loud, but that instead she was going to lead the group through an incredibly simplified D&D campaign. There were no character sheets, nothing complicated, just one half of the group was a knight and the other half was a rogue and we were going through a dungeon together. As an introvert, I got a little anxiety when Annie told us of her plan, however; she is a great story-teller and before I knew it, I was caught up in our quest into the dungeon with the rest of the crew. The campaign was a lot of fun and it made this signing easily one of the best events I’ve ever been to at Powell’s. Annie Bellet is everything I hoped she’d be and more. She was genuine in her love of being a nerd girl and you can tell it’s a huge part of her life. If Annie ever does more signings, I would go again in heartbeat and I recommend her events as a fun evening out.



You can find Annie Bellet online at her website http://anni/ebellet.com and on facebook.

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