Supernatural S12 E11 “Regarding Dean”

By Domoni


This weeks episode is a one off, unlike last week’s episode, it does not seem to have anything to do with the flowing narrative about the nephilim. It opens with Dean chasing someone through a dark forest at night. He is able to get a shot off, but the man, as we quickly learn, is a witch and he casts a spell that sends Dean flying. The next morning, Dean awakens in the woods with no apparent recollection of the nights events. He reunites with Sam for breakfast assuming he has a hangover. After a very attractive young woman slaps him, he attributes the headache and memory loss to an epic night.

As the brothers resume the case they had only recently started working on, Dean seems to be more in a fog and has trouble remembering things. When they leave the morgue, after discovering the case does involve witches, Dean almost wrecks Baby then forgets his own name, the brothers concern grows. Returning to their hotel Dean is unable to name the members of Bon Jovi and calls a lamp a light stick, Sam realizes that Dean must have been hexed and things are getting worse. He calls Rowena for advice, she tells them to kill the witch who cast the spell.


At this point the brothers attempt to retrace Dean’s forgotten steps, which leads to some interesting moments where Sam gets to tell people Dean was roofied. Security tape at a bar Dean had visited shows him confront the witch and chase him off. Their walk fills in the time with Sam continuously reminding Dean who they are. The fact that they hunt monsters and their best friend is an angel continues to thrill the confused Dean, showing a Winchester is a Winchester even when they forget what a Winchester is. When the Winchesters track the woods where Dean woke up, they find the remains of the spell used to attack Dean and then unfortunately the body of the witch.

The rarity of the spell used to create the mementoesque fog, brings Rowena back to town to help. Of course she knows the family that uses this type of magic and they have a very powerful book. Which means she is there to help, and attempt to get her hands on the black grimoire. She arrives at the hotel room, which is covered in yellow post it notes reminding Dean the name of ordinary objects, and tells Sam where to go and what to do. Sam rushes off to kill the witches and retrieve the grimoire. We get one of the epic emotional scenes that Jensen Ackles does so well when Dean stares into a mirror trying to repeat who he is and what matters most to him so he won’t forget. (bring forth the fangirl tears)


Sam’s assault on the witches house does not go so well and he is captured. The witche’s plan to bring back their deceased brother by swapping his soul for Sam’s, when Rowena busts in to join the battle. She is overpowered by the blonde witch rather quickly. Cut to Dean waking up in Baby and following a trail of post it notes to the weapons he needs. He bursts into the house and slays the witch fighting Rowena. When the male witch and Sam burst down the stairs, he is unsure who is the witch until Sam shouts it out to him and one shot ends the threat.

Rowena has the grimoire and casts a spell. When Dean and Rowena return, Sam is anxious to see if his brother will know him. Now we get one of the epic emotional Jared Padalecki scenes as Dean claims to not know him and Sam looks devastated before Dean reveals he is a joking ass. They retrieve the dark book from Rowena and things are back to normal for our boys.


This episode was fantastic. I loved it in the way I loved the episode Baby. The brothers are at their best when they are about each other. We got no information about the overall storyline aside from a casual mention that Cass is still hunting Kelly but if the Season continues in this manner, it may be one of the best.

Supernatural airs on The CW Thursdays at 8:00 P.M.


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