Supernatural S12 E12 “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”

By Domoni


This weeks episode is going to have some ramifications. Mary has been working with the British Men of Letters and they have sent her on an errand. We knew in episode 9 that she was interested in their pitch, yet this is the first time we see she is working with them. Instead of calling the boys for help and filling them in, she hides the truth from them and the Winchesters end up in trouble quick.

This episode plays off like a nod to Tarentino. The time jumps  and changing perspectives, as well as the music all are reminiscent of his films. I loved every second of it. From the opening diner scene to the double cross at the end, I loved the fresh feel which only helped strengthen my feelings about how good this season is.


Mary calls in Cass and the boys to help with a simple demon killing. She also ropes in Wally, another hunter she is using as a pawn to hide her real intentions from Sam and Dean. When the simple task goes seriously south, Cass is mortally wounded, Wally is dead and Mary is shocked by the demons yellow eyes. Turns out the demon is Ramiel a Prince of Hell, cut from the same cloth as Azazel, the big bad from season 1 who killed Mary.

He is essentially immune to all of the tools the boys have and he possess the Lance of Michael. When he stabs Cass with the lance, Castiel is unable to heal himself and begins to slowly and painfully rot. While hiding in a barn to regroup, the boys encounter Crowley, who fills them in on just who they attacked. Turns out Crowley has a deal with the Prince of Hell and he is the reason he had the deadly lance.  He informs them all that there is no cure for Castiel’s wounds and then he leaves to confront Ramiel. That doesn’t work of course and the boys have to fight the demon.


Before Ramiel arrives, Castiel breaks down and tells them to run. He knows just how strong Ramiel is and that he has no chance. He tells the Winchesters how much they mean to him and they tell him to shut up because they don’t leave family behind. (At this point I cried like a baby) Ramiel arrives and gives them 30 seconds to return what they stole. Though the brothers had no idea Mary stole from the demon and she opts out of turning the item over. So they fight. In the end, Sam wrestles the lance away and stabs Ramiel with it and he evaporates. Immediately the Winchesters turn to Cass who is now spewing nasty black goo from the mouth. This is the end for the angel.

Except for one thing, Crowley remembers something said about the lance. He picks up the discarded weapon and breaks it in half. A bright light flashes from the lance as well as from Cass and the angel is instantly healed. All hail the King.


Final scene, Mary is talking with the mannequin man from the British Men of Letters. Shes angry that she was sent in to such a dangerous situation and threatens to destroy the BMOL if it happens again. Then she hands over the stolen item. Surprise, surprise, Mary stole the Colt and she is handing it over to the creeps from across the pond. Oh Mary, how could you.

This episode did give some small clues about the overarching story-line involving Kelly, Lucifer’s baby mama and obviously more questions about the BMOL, are they good or bad, we still don’t know. I though last weeks episode was one of my favorites, then this week came in with a bang. The second half of this season is killing it.

Supernatural airs on the CW network, Thursdays at 8:00 PM

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