Review: The Sound Of Broken Ribs by Edward Lorn

By Domoni


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Full disclosure, I have been acquainted with the author of this book through the powers of the internet for many years. In fact I interviewed him for this blog. Though I haven’t read all of his work, I have read much of it. When it became an option to receive an ARC of his newest work, I jumped at the chance to delve into his mind again. This review is based on this book and I am not remotely motivated by bias, because honestly E would be more angry about a fake ass kissing review than an honest drag of this work.

Lei has it all. She is a profitable writer with a loving and supportive husband at home. She’s just wrapped a new novel and heads out for a run, blissfully unaware of how cruel life can be.

Belinda thinks she has it all. She is happy in a loving marriage to a successful man. When she awakens to a knock at the door, her life is about to fall apart in unimaginable ways.

Pain is a terrible force. A person never really knows who they are until they let pain guide their hand and make their choices. This is a story of two women and the true power of Pain.

Belinda’s husband has conned her, taken everything and left her homeless and penniless. When she heads out for her brothers house, wrapped in the turmoil created by his betrayal, she sees an opportunity to hurt someone as much as she is hurting. A jogger on the side of the road is an easy target, a little bump could be easily understood when someone is so distraught. How could she have known the person would bend down to tie her insanely bright yellow running shoe. When she sees the mangled body, the cold reality floods in and she drags the broken form into the woods.

Lei awakens from the excruciating pain to find a woman standing over her. She will never forget the words she says before she leaves her to die. Only able to move one leg, her ribs protruding from her chest and the awful sound it makes when she tries to breathe, Lei expects she will die. She is found though, and able to make the long recovery. The pain she endures will change her life forever though.

It is very hard to review this book without a massive amount of spoilers. I want to tell you the whole story, but you should read it yourself. Lorn has written an incredible book on the horrors of humanity with a monster that haunted my dreams every night this week. This is by far his best book I have read.

I loved Bay’s End and The Dastardly Bastard was a freaky trip, so these prepped me somewhat for a sort of return to Bay’s End ( Lorn’s fictional town which shows up in many of his books) and a couple of his characters from those stories. What I didn’t fully expect was how much his writing has evolved in this book. I was able to fully connect to the characters in this story in a way I hadn’t with his books in the past.  Lorn has captured the devastation of both the perpetrator and the victim and how one act can alter a person forever and just how far the fallout can reach.

If you like a good scary story with real emotions, this is the book for you.

5 out of 5 stars.

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