Book Tour: Rising by Sonya Weiss

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Cassie is a 17 year old girl, whose just trying to get through school so she can escape her small town and her fathers constant obsession. Ever since aliens killed his brother and attacked Cassie, her father hasn’t been on the same. As head of the agency dedicated to eradicating the aliens, his obsessive focus has distanced him from his family. Cassie still lives in constant fear since being attacked. She hides her scars and ignores the looks. It’s hard to be the daughter of the alien hunter. People will always treat her differently. Jason is one of those guys who stares at her like she is a freak. Of course he’s also the only guy in school Cassie thinks about. When she sees him save a 4 year old who falls off a cliff, Cassie realizes Jason is not human. Can she trust him when everything she’s ever known tells her the aliens are the enemies? Can Jason trust Cassie with his secret or will she risk his life and the lives of his family?
This is an interesting story, think Roswell meets Romeo and Juliet. The two teens have a strong attraction and a strong aversion to each other. The closer they get, the more they realize they need each other to save their families, friends and the world. Though of course, it has to be even more complicated, as what is a love story without conflict? I was surprised how well this story kept my attention. It was a quick read and the pace made it gripping. At times I felt like the story was full of cliches and predictable, there were enough twists and the writing was good enough to keep me interested.
3.5 out of 5 stars.


by Sonya Weiss
Genre: Young Adult, SciFi Supernatural Romance
Pub Date: May 9, 2017
When sparks fly between a human and a Supernatural, the entire planet
could be at stake.
It’s been ten years since the Great Extinction, when Supernaturals
threatened to destroy humanity. Now, in the sleepy town of Wayside,
Nevada, seventeen-year-old Cassie Grant’s life couldn’t be more
ordinary. Determined to get into an Ivy League college, her focus is
squarely on her studies. But suddenly everything changes when she
witnesses Jason Taylor, a cute and quiet loner, mysteriously save a
young boy from falling to his death.
Although the Supernaturals ultimately retreated to their planet, three
families were left behind—including Jason’s. So far, they’ve
been successfully hiding in plain sight. But Jason knows that if
Cassie exposes him, all their lives will be in peril—especially
since Cassie’s father is the head of the Alien Eradication and
Defense Department. At first, befriending Cassie is Jason’s
survival tactic. But as they spend more time together, they begin to
fall in love. With the authorities closing in and a hidden threat
that could tear the very Earth apart, can Cassie and Jason keep each
other safe—or will their star-crossed romance start another
Sonya Weiss is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and author, including the
Stealing the Heart series with Entangled Publishing. She’s addicted
to great books, good movies, and Italian chocolates. She’s passionate
about causes that support abused animals and children. Her parents
always supported her bringing stray animals home, although the Great
Dane rescue was a surprise.
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