Wonder Woman, the Summer Blockbuster of 2017

This weekend Wonder Woman opened to some amazing numbers and reviews. As three women who love the more geeky side of life this character means a lot to us, of course this film was on our list. We all managed to get in and see it for opening weekend and decided to share our feelings about the film in one post. Did you enjoy the movie? Share your opinion in the comments.


Courtney’s take:


I’ve been waiting to see this movie for what feels like my entire life. Wonder Woman is the most well known heroine from the comic universe. Before I even started reading comics or had any interest in superheroes at all, I would tell you that Wonder Woman was my favorite. She has been a role model to millions if not billions of people over time so it was finally time that she get her own movie. When I started reading comics, I kind of lost some of the awe inspiringness of Wonder Woman. I read stories of other amazing heroines from comics and I lost the relatability with Wonder Woman. Still, this is a movie I and millions of others have been clamoring for for decades, so you can bet your ass I was going to show up on opening weekend to see this movie.


This movie is an origin story, but it’s one of the best origin stories I’ve ever seen. We go to Themyscira, home of the Amazon’s and learn why they were created and we get to watch Diana grow and train and hone her skills as a warrior.  We watch as innocence is lost when Germans break through to the island and the Amazon’s must battle for their home. Diana chooses to leave her home to go stop a war so that many thousands of lives will be saved. She knows that leaving home means her life will never be the same. Diana insists on going to the front lines of the war questing for Ares, the god of war. She believes that if she can kill him, she can stop the war. On the journey to the front lines, she sees people in desperate need of help and stops to help them fight. In this movie, we get to watch Diana become Wonder Woman, we get to witness her question whether or not humanity is worth fighting for, question the act of following orders just because they are given to you.


This movie renewed my faith in Wonder Woman. It made her more relatable and human than I’ve ever seen before. (Granted, I am still itching to get my hands on the arc written by Gail Simone, where I am told that Wonder Woman’s compassion really shines through.) The story in this movie is amazing. So often superhero movies rest on action to drive the plot and Wonder Woman was so much more than just a bunch of random action scenes put together. I get bored in action scenes and in this movie I couldn’t wait for them, they were beautiful. Wonder Woman is an awesome badass, but she’s also so much more than that and this movie did an excellent job at highlighting why the world needs Wonder Woman. I recommended this movie to everyone.


I rate this movie five stars out of five stars.


Hannah’s take:


Wonder Woman is amazeballs, covered in awesomesauce, and dipped in win.


The character Wonder Woman is not my favorite DC heroine (Hawk Girl for the win!), but I still like and respect her.  I initially wanted to see this movie for the same reason I wanted to see the Ghost Busters reboot.  Because it was a kick ass female centric movie, that I felt needed my support in order to have more kick ass female centric movies in the future.  


The closer opening night came, the more excited I was for this movie.  Gal Gadot looked powerful,  Chris Pine was awkwardly adorable, and the action was hot.  But, this was all from month old memories of the trailer and articles about how Wonder Woman was not being advertised as well as it should be.  


For me, there were only two things about the movie that were a bother.  


The first thing is that the preview for the upcoming Justice League movie they played was months old.  I wish that I had only heard rumors of the Justice League movie and that they had premiered the trailer during Wonder Woman.  It would have been way more satisfying and I would have more anticipation for that movie.  


The second thing was the way they screwed up Greek mythology.  They said that Zeus created humans.  Zeus did not create humans.  Prometheus created humans.  Zeus just sat around throwing lightning around until humans became pretty enough to bang.  Now I get that that is not a good bedtime story for a young Amazonian princess to hear, but it is true and I wish they hadn’t given Zeus the credit for creating humans.  My fifth grade inner child nerd-raged at this butchering of mythology.


Other than that, this movie was gorgeous.  I loved watching Wonder Woman delight in babies and ice cream.  I cheered when she went charging into battle.  I laughed out loud at jokes that weren’t at anyone’s expense.  I mourned the senseless loss of war.  I fell in love with humanity, warts and all, along with Diana Prince.  


5 out of 5 stars


Domoni’s take


I honestly had no faith in this movie before I went to see it. DC has done little to win over my support for their movies. The trailers had seemed good, but I saw so few promos for this movie, I assumed it was one of those typical DC films that showed all the good scenes in the trailer. Boy was I wrong.


The early portion of the movie focuses on the Amazonians on the mythical island of Themyscira, I would pay to see a movie with this as the sole focus. I loved the drama that built up around Diana and who she was. I also loved watching the women train and fight. I must say General Antiope stole much of those scenes for me. Antiope and Queen Hippolyta were as well cast as the rest of the film and I wanted so much more of their interactions. But, we wouldn’t have Wonder Woman if Diana didn’t leave the island.


I also have a soft spot for the clueless naive superheroes. So watching Diana wander around in awe was fun for me. Her excitement at seeing babies or eating ice cream made my inner child happy. And the slow development of the pure love between Diana and Steve was perfect. Not the focus or one of those rushed because we need a sex scene type movie romances.


I, like many women, have been waiting all of my life for an excellent female superhero film that didn’t devolve into a boobfest meant for men and boys to oogle while the girls had nothing to really admire. Movies like this are the answer to a problem the movie industry has had for a long time. When I shed tears in this film, I was so proud for what this movie will give to the young girls of today and tomorrow. Here’s hoping for more movies about strong women made by strong women.


5 out of 5 stars.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, the Summer Blockbuster of 2017

  1. I almost can’t believe we’ve had to wait so long for this. But hey, better late than never, right? The movie has got so much going for it, and it all brings a smile to my face. From Gal Gadot’s performance to the narrative and character development; I’m so glad Patty Jenkins and her badass crew were able to prove all the haters wrong. Let’s hope we get a sequel equally as great as this one. And if not, then we’ll always have Wonder Woman (1). Great review!

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