Book Tour: The Rosinanti Series by Kevin J. Kessler

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by Kevin J Kessler
Genre: Fantasy
One of Kackritta’s greatest warriors has lost everything. His wife has passed away and all of his men have just been wiped out in an avalanche. In the cave were he took refuge, Vahn Burai finds two infant boys about to be eaten by monstrous beings. Though he isn’t sure how, the man and children survive the attack and he takes the children back to his home in the castle. He chooses to raise the babies as his sons. The boys grow strong raised alongside the two princesses of Kacritta.  Kayden and Valentean are competitive children, Kayden being the more aggressive of the two. On the day Kayden announces he will undergo training to become Princess Aleksandra’s sworn Animus protector, The brothers and the younger princess Seraphina are attacked by a red eyed mage and a foul beast.
After a miraculously quick recovery, Valentean takes on the intense nine year training to be Princess Seraphina’s Sworn guardian as well. The brothers competitive natures drive them farther than any warrior has gone in millennia. After their training is completed, on their first mission with their princesses, another encounter with the red eyed mage changes everything. As the brothers learn the truth of their birth, nothing can stay the same. They are the last Rosinanti, powerful beings who can use the magic powers of Terra and even take the form of enormous dragons.
As Kayden follows his darkness, Valentean fights to protect Seraphina. Not only is he her sworn animus, he is deeply in love with her. But Rosinanti are considered the enemy of everything he has been raised to know. This battle may be more than just a contest between siblings, it may be a battle for the world.
This is an epic high fantasy and it swept me up into the its world quickly and thoroughly. I loved how the books starts with the brothers as children and you get to invest in them as they grow. The world the author created is rich and vivid and the story comes to life easily. Every time I thought I had the story figured out, there was a twist. I greatly enjoyed how much I was kept on my toes.
4 out of 5 stars.
The Rosinanti Dragons are no more. Since their extinction nearly one
thousand years ago these primal powerhouses have fallen into the
obscurity of history’s forgotten lore. In that time, humans have
come to dominate the world of Terra, peacefully ignorant to one
horrifying truth: ancient evil stirs around them, waiting to reclaim
its lost world.
For Valentean Burai, animus warrior of the kingdom of Kackritta, the
details surrounding humanity’s victory over the Rosinanti are more
than just a history lesson. The long-buried mysteries of this archaic
conflict may hold the answers that he has so desperately sought
regarding his own past.
As the awful truth of the Rosinanti’s supposed demise comes to light,
Valentean must stand together with Seraphina, a magically gifted
princess, to embark upon a mission to maintain order and light
throughout Terra. Only together can these two lifelong friends face
down the resurgence of the Rosinanti legacy, and combat the greatest
threat their world has ever known.
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Rosinanti: The Decimation of Casid
A Rosinanti Novella, Book 1.5
This is a novella that takes place at the same time as the ending of the first novel. It does not focus on the same main charachters. This story is about the small village of Casid one its inhabitants. Nevick may be the strongest human alive. He is the protector of his home and he keeps them safe, along with his betrothed Deana, who possesses healing abilities. When agents of the red mage come to his village he is unable to save everyone. The devastation wrought on Casid may be just enough to get Novick to join the battle to save the world.
The length of a typical novella, this is an interesting story that ties into the series without officially interacting with it. I enjoyed the quick read and looked forward to the final book to see if we would see more of these characters.
4 out of 5 stars.
While an entire world away, men turn into dragons and ancient magic ignites
the air, Casid lived on in peaceful ignorance. This tiny village and
its people existed outside of the conflict which threatened to
swallow Terra, until the day chaos itself landed upon its shores.
Now, one lone warrior seeks to protect his family, his friends, and the
woman he loves as demons rise from the flames to burn everything he
has ever loved to ash. This man is no god, no fundamental force of
nature. He is simply a man, alone against the fury of chaos.
Casid will be decimated, consumed by the same blaze which threatens to
overtake all of Terra. But what will rise from the ashes of this once
perfect haven, forged in the fires of tragedy and loss, might become
the most fearsome opponent the darkness has ever known.
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Rosinanti: Wrath of the Faithful
The Rosinanti Series Book 2
Valentean, Seraphina and Maura have only just survived the battle against  Kayden and the agents of Chaos. When they arrive home, they are not warmly welcomed. Imprisoned for being a rosinanti, Valentean is chained in a mask that cuts him off from the powers of his blood. Seraphina is likewise imprisoned for harboring the fugitive. Noone will believe that they were not the perpetrators of the destruction of Lamaza.  They thought they had trapped the red mage during their epic battle, but her powers are more than they expected. Now they must survive this ordeal and prepare for the continued battle against the agents of Chaos for the fate of the world.
This story picks up immediately after the end of the first novel. It is a longer book then the first and since you don’t have the massive backstory it is so much richer. The battles are more intense, the emotions are stronger and my heart could barely handle it. The author has created an epic world with characters with depth and drive. I loved this story and would gladly read more.
5 out of 5 stars
Valentean Burai and Seraphina Kackritta barely escaped the grip of chaos. Only
by working together were these two life long soul mates able to
combat the greatest threat the world of Terra has ever known.
But when they find themselves separated, with the entire world turned
against them, both princess and animus warrior must battle not only
the forces of chaos and darkness that seek to end their world, but
their own crippling doubts and fears.
Valentean must also face the horrifying truth of himself. He is one of the last
surviving members of the Rosinanti race, and holds within him
world-destroying power, and the unwanted uncontrollable ability to
transform into a fearsome dragon.
The struggle of man vs beast is not limited to the battlefield. Valentean
will wage that war internally, within the confines of his own
conflicted heart.
But, in the end, who is stronger? The man, or the dragon?
Kevin J. Kessler lives in Orlando Florida, where he owns the White Dragon
Podcast Network, which puts out weekly podcasts on a variety of
topics from Walt Disney World, to movies, television, comic books,
video games and more.
A lifelong geek, Kessler can often be found at the many theme parks and
local attractions in Orlando.
He developed the story for Rosinanti as a sophomore in high school,
sixteen years before the book’s release.
Since an early age, Kessler has been an avid reader, often found lost
within the magical worlds found within the pages of fantasy novels.
“It was always my dream to create such a world of my very own,” he
said. “Even as a kid when my friends would want to play Power
Rangers or X-Men, I would always create a new Ranger or Mutant rather
than portray an established character. There is power in creativity!
Creativity breeds creation!”
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