Orphan Black S. 5 Ep. 1: The Few Who Dare Recap

By Courtney

Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany)
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There are spoilers in this review, so if you haven’t seen the episode, read this at your own risk.


This episode picks up where season 4 left off. Sarah has a knife wound to her leg and is running through the woods looking for Cosima. Sarah gets attacked by something in the woods, it looks part human and part beast. We don’t know what it is. I think it’s an experiment gone wrong that has escaped to the woods. Men are hunting Sarah through the woods and they stumble upon an animal that’s been stabbed and has what looks like a giant bite taken out of it. One of the men insists that it’s a bear, but we can tell he knows it’s something different and is afraid of it.


We also get to see Cosima in this episode and learn from Delphine that the island is the heart of neolution and all of the crazy science is happening there and that it’s real. Cosima is scared but curious about the science. Delphine is sent away, but leaves the cure for Cosima and tells her where to find it. Sarah finally catches up with Cosima as she’s about to take the cure. Cosima insists that she has to stay on the island for her sisters, otherwise they will never stop chasing them. Sarah leaves before Cosima takes the cure. Rachel finds Cosima about to inject herself and stops and helps her with the cure. I kept waiting for Rachel to do anything but give Cosima the cure. The fact that Rachel gives Cosima the cure can only mean that Rachel wants something from Cosima and I have no idea what that is.


Our favorite drug dealing duo is hiding out in the woods with Helena. They make the decision to return to civilization and Alison is captured. Donnie watches her get taken away and goes to find Helena. Between Donnie and Helena, I have no doubt that they can rescue Alison. When Donnie reached the car they have hidden in the woods, he is almost captured, but Helena jumps on the assailants back and they either kill him or knock him unconscious. Helena emerges from the kerfuffle with a stick sticking out of her belly. At this point we can only hope that none of Helena’s babies are harmed, otherwise we’re probably looking at a future very bloody rampage.


The episode ends with Sarah being captured by Rachel. I have no idea what Rachel plans to do to Sarah, but at this point, anything is possible.


This was a really good episode. I was really happy that Cosima finally got the cure, that girl has been sick since season 1. I like that there are more questions, what is the beast in the woods, what does the police know about clones, is Charlotte going to be given the cure, what other crazy science is happening in the heart of neolution, did Mrs S and Kira get away, what does Rachel actually want from Cosima? Wanting to know more is why I keep watching tv shows, and that’s an area Orphan Black excels at. I look forward to continuing the trip with the next episode.

Orphan Black airs Saturday nights at 10:00 PM on BBCA or you can stream each episode on Amazon.

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