Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, Perspectives Part 2

By Laura

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Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty is one of those few books that I would read all over again. It reminded me a lot of signing my kids up for Little League. Even though all the kids are on the same team, the parents are too busy having their own little soap opera to really notice what’s going on. I think this book was easier for me as a mother than it would be for someone who didn’t have children and understand how childish adults can be.

Character-wise I was fascinated with how one author could so easily portray so many different mindsets. Even the little side characters that speak through the interviews had their own personalities. And none of them ever broke character. The setups to find out why each one was the way they were, made it so easy for me to like unlikable characters. The book portrayed the way that we each only see one side of a story when there are so many little details missed that can turn a small lie into a disaster. It was almost as if each character was a world in their own.

Of course this made me a big fan of her writing style and the storyline all together. Throughout the book I was wondering what things I had done to make people see me the way that they do, how different things would be if people can see things through my eyes, and how different I would treat people if I could see things through their own eyes. This book makes people think and if an author can get people thinking they have mastered their craft. Becoming the different character in each chapter made me want to read what the next character was thinking about the same things. Her writing style made me want to see what they were seeing, smell the ocean, be in the room with them, and she did it in a way that I could see all of it in my head. I could see the playground, I could see the restaurant, I could see the people without her needing to put page after page after page of endless detail.

At the end of the book I did have two negative remarks. Considering I’m good about bitching about everything, two negatives is not bad at all. It took me getting through the first third of the book before I really got into it. If I hadn’t known someone dies at the end of it, I probably would have put it down about 50 pages in and not finished. Then after that first third I was hooked. At that point I was so invested in these characters that my heart broke when they revealed why they were in so much pain. It almost got to the point of being a little overwhelming with how much pain each character was going through. Of course it made me see why they were the way they were, it was just a little hard to get through without needing a break.

If we’re giving out stars or cupcakes or unicorns or whatever we’re giving for this as ratings, I would give it 6 out of 6 star unicorn cupcakes.

This is part 2 in our 3 part series on Big Little Lies. Check out Courtney’s opinion of the book in Part 1 and of the HBO series in Part 3

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