Orphan Black S5 Ep2: Clutch of Greed Recap

By Courtney


There are spoilers in this review, so if you have not seen the episode, you’ve been warned.


Holy Crap! This episode starts with Sarah waking up at Dyad and being told that all of her sisters want her to cooperate with Rachel. Rachel herself tells Sarah that she can have everything she wants, her sisters safe, Kira safe, her family back if she just cooperates. Even Mrs. S is telling her it’s the right thing to do. All Rachel wants in exchange, is to study Kira after school sometimes, but that nothing will hurt Kira. Sarah agrees to this even though we can tell everything in her is fighting against that decision. I was fighting against that decision watching it. It felt like we were giving up somehow.


We get back to the house with Mrs. S and Felix and they all tell her, yes we agree with the plan, until they are left alone, then the plotting begins and they tell Sarah that no way are they going to let Kira go to Rachel and that they’re working on an escape plan. MK makes an appearance in this episode. She goes to Felix’s loft and does computer magic. She is supposed to go with Sarah and Kira when they escape so she can meet up with Cosima and get the cure as she is also sick.


The story flashes to Helena and Donnie who are in the hospital because Helena’s stomach was punctured with a stick in the last episode and the concern was for the babies. The stick is removed and the doctors notice something odd about the babies, the one that was injured from the stick has healed somehow and the doctors are confused and want to do more tests. Helena tells Donnie that she’s going to get out and hide and only Sarah can know where she is going. We do not learn where she is going. Donnie gets pulled from the room for questioning about why his pregnant wife got stuck with a stick. Donnie is able to evade the hospital staff when Helena causes a distraction and pins the doctor to the bed with a giant needle through her cheeks. Helena and Donnie are both on the run again.


Sarah, Mrs. S and Felix create and execute a plan to get Kira out of school before Rachel can get her. Kira goes with Felix and Mrs. S, while Sarah goes back to Felix’s loft to try to convince MK to come with them. Ferdinand follows Sarah from the school to Felix’s loft. MK tells Sarah that she is tired of running and she will hold off Ferdinand so Sarah can escape, but that “it” is bigger than keeping Kira safe. Sarah runs and Ferdinand comes in and fights with MK. MK is killed by Ferdinand as Sarah catches up to Mrs. S and Felix. Kira insists that she wants to go with Rachel and that MK is dead, which she knows because she can no longer feel her. Kira wants to know why she is the way she is and she believes Rachel can help her find out why. Because this is what Kira wants, everyone agrees to it and they surrender again. The episode ends with Delphine showing up on Mrs. S’s door telling her that she has something she needs to tell her, but Sarah can’t know. Of course we don’t find out what it is.


This episode had some of my favorite Orphan Black elements in it; Sarah pretending to be Rachel, and the odd relationship with Donnie and Helena. Maslany is so good at what she does, it continues to boggle my brain. In this episode, she was also MK pretending to be Sarah pretending to be Rachel, the subtle nuances that she does with each character make it really believable. The Donnie/Helena relationship makes me laugh a lot, so I’m always happy when we get to see more of it. We did get some answers to questions we had at the end of the last episode. We know what happened to Mrs. S and Kira now, but that’s about it. I have even more questions now: Helena’s babies are able to heal themselves- does Kira also have that ability? How much can Kira feel from the clones, can she feel ALL of them? How much about Rachel have they actually told Kira? Have they been protecting Kira too much on that front? What is the deal with Mr. Westmorland? What did Delphine tell Mrs. S? Where is Helena? Does the cure actually work? So many questions and so few answers. Until next time Clone Club.


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