Orphan Black S.5 EP.3 Beneath Her Heart Recap and Review

By Courtney


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“Shit Alison”. I muttered that under my breath while watching most of this episode. This episode has a lot of flashbacks; but Orphan Black does flashbacks really well. This episode focused the majority of its time on Allison. Allison is one of my favorite clones, so I was happy that she got so much of this episode.


The episode starts with a flashback of Allison having to deal with the fact that she is clone and the impacts that it is going to have on her life. Coincidentally, this is also the night Allison decides to do magic mushrooms with her neighbor Ainsley and Ainsley’s husband. Flashbacks of this night are beautifully interspersed within the episode. We learn Allison has been questioning her existence and purpose in life since before she acknowledged that she is a clone almost five years ago now. In present time, Rachel makes Allison feel worse by mentioning that even MK had more value than Allison did, and that Allison leads a very trivial life. This leads Allison to start questioning her life again. Rachel is trying to coerce Allison and Donnie into telling her where Helena is. Allison really doesn’t know and Donnie vehemently denies knowing where she is.

Donnie (Kristian Bruun) and Alison (Tatiana Maslany)

Donnie insists that they should go to the fall fundraiser at their church and Allison agrees when she discovers a bottle of pills. Allison has Donnie meet her at the church and takes a couple of pills at church. She dumps the rest of them in a bottle of juice and very nearly lets the woman who took over planning the festival drink it. She prevents the woman from drinking it at the last minute and stores the bottle in her purse. Back at her house, the cops show up with a warrant to look for evidence tying them to the murder of the gang members that Helena killed. The police end up finding the beheaded body of Dr. Leekie in the garage. Donnie accidentally drinks the drugged juice and passes out in front of the entire church. Members of the church start making disparaging remarks about Donnie which causes Allison to snap and she starts chewing them all out.


Throughout the episode Allison has been seeing Ainsley pop up randomly. Allison, Felix and Sarah debate about how they’re going to get out of the mess of the police finding two bodies in Allison’s garage, because the only thing Rachel wants is the location of Helena. Allison tells the group that she is going to go be useful for once and goes to see Rachel. Allison puts her purse on Rachel’s desk and inside it is a bag with Dr. Leekie’s head in it. Allison explains who is in her garage and that they are not giving up Helena. Rachel calls the cops off and that matter is settled for now. Allison comes back to the house and tells Donnie that she needs to go take a trip to find out who she is because she hasn’t been herself for a while.


In this episode we also see Kira with Rachel, who tells Kira about a mouse that can regrow its skin and fur, and they believe there is something in the mouse’s genetics that allow it to do so. Towards the end of the episode,we see Kira with a knife alone in her room, at this point we are unsure if she is going to cut herself or the mouse, or both. The episode ends with a shot of Helena in a monastery, writing in a journal.


I enjoyed the feelings of guilt and grief that were woven into this episode. We spend a lot time with Allison who is trying to cope with missing her friend and feeling really bad that she didn’t stop her from dying. In most shows, Ainsley’s death wouldn’t have been brought up again. I appreciated being able to watch not only Allison deal with her death at this time, but also Ainsley’s husband and children. It added weight to Ainsely’s death. I also understood the feeling of wanting more that Allison was trying to cope with. Allison has seemed content with her life and I’m happy that she wants more and to discover who she is. I love Allison; I really hope we get to see more of her in coming episodes, otherwise, I might have to rewatch this episode and bawl. I do feel like Orphan Black threw us a bone by showing us that Helena is in a monastery, but I’m really happy they did, because now at least one of my million questions has been answered. We didn’t get a lot of questions answered this time, but I’m okay with it because from the previews of next weeks episode, there might be some answers waiting.

Till next time clone club.


Sorry about the lateness of this recap, we had an incredibly busy weekend that we will share with all of you tomorrow.


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