Orphan Black S.5 Ep.4: Let The Children and Childbearers Toil


By Courtney


Answer Time! This episode starts off with bringing a character back from their supposed death. Susan is alive and recovering on the island with PT Westmoreland. PT wants Susan’s help with more science. Apparently almost no one stays dead on this show.

The episode follows Sarah and Mrs. S around, with Mrs. S taking the lead and in a surprising turn of events, Sarah lets her. They go to a bar and stage a fight so Sarah can steal a woman’s wallet so they can steal her id and borrow her identity for a little while. The woman is a psychologist who plans on visiting a secure medical facility to interview patients for her book. The facility she is visiting holds someone close to PT Westmoreland, who Mrs. S wants to talk to for information. Sarah questions Mrs S on who is giving her the information, but Mrs. S refuses to give up her source. It would be an epic twist if at the end we find out Mrs. S has been a minion of PT Westmoreland all along. But for now, we trust Mrs. S. Sarah and Mrs. S successfully steal the woman’s ID  and head to the medical facility. Because they want to show up after the woman’s contact has gone home for the day, Sarah decides to stop at the convent to see Helena.

Sarah and Helena have a touching conversation about how far they have come together, and Sarah confides her fears about Kira to Helena. Somehow Kira is connected to all the clones and Sarah has not wanted to tell Kira their story to protect her. She is now realizing that by trying to protect Kira, she has driven her towards Rachel. Kira doesn’t know all the stuff that Rachel has done and only sees her as the person with answers about why she is special.


Back on the island, Cosima has more questions about the “bear” in the woods, after a pig goes missing and two of the girls find a tooth in the woods while looking for the pig. Cosima correctly guesses that Mud knows what the “bear” is and presses her for more information. Mud gets scared and refuses to talk and insists that it’s just a bear. Cosima follows Mud that night when she notices her sneaking off into the woods. Mud goes into a house and hooks PT Westmoreland up to a machine. Cosima explores the basement of the house and finds a cell that looks like it’s been broken out of, blood splatters, and a lot of medical stuff.

Sarah and Mrs. S successfully get into the medical facility and once there Mrs. S reveals that the person they are going to talk to is Dr. Coady, the head of the Castor clones, who we thought was dead. They bribe Dr. Coady into talking by telling her if she gives them enough info, they’ll get her out of the facility. Dr. Coady reveals that before project Castor and Leda, there was a boy with a genetic anomaly. She says the science was a lot more rough back then and experimental and that basically he’s the “bear” on the island.  She also says that she didn’t have any limits, any boundaries she wouldn’t cross for science, while Susan did and that was the only difference between them, which is why they were separated, and she got Castor while Susan got Leda. This is the point where the psychologist’s contact shows up at the clinic and Sarah and Mrs. S have to make a hasty departure, but not before Dr. Coady attacks Sarah and steals her visitors badge. I’m not sure if Sarah notices or not.

Back on the island, Mud catches Cosima in the basement and makes her leave. Cosima waits and follows Mud into the forest again where we and she get our first glimpse of the mutated guy. Felix’s sister also shows up during the episode, Mrs. S called her and asked her to follow the money in different neolution corporations. Felix and his sister are headed to Switzerland, with Mrs. S calling the shots.

The episode ends with Susan and PT Westmoreland sharing a drink. PT wants Susan to help with the science again and she wants full access to the data from Kira. PT is cool with that but warns her that Rachel has the reigns. I don’t see Rachel taking to kindly to the fact that mommy dearest, who she thought she killed, is back to take over.


Yay for answers! We finally know more info about what is in the woods.Okay, in retrospect, that was probably the only big question we got answered, but still it’s something. We still don’t know much about what Kira’s connection to the other clones is. We also don’t know what Delphine’s actual deal is, nor do we know how far PT is willing to go or what his endgame is. We also don’t know where Allison went, but to be honest, I’m not sure if we’ll ever find out. Hopefully we’ll get some more answers in the next episode. Until next time Clone Clubbers!



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