Star Wars Month: Introduction to Fandomly Fashionable

So here at Deep in the Crease, some of us have other ventures. Charlene, Courtney and Domoni work together to help each other in this blog as well as those. We have decided to sort of bring them under one nerdy girl umbrella and present them to you all with theme months. Our first one shall be Star Wars.

The Smuggler’s Special

What that means? I will start by introducing you to the other two outlets. Fandomly Fashionable and The Nerdy Girls Studio. Then each month we will pick a theme, this will show up in various posts on each of those sites as well as translate to discounts on items sold at the other two sites. We are very passionate about all our nerdy outlets and are excited to share that with you.

Adventurer’s Tunic

We are starting with Fandomly Fashionable. This is Courtney’s recently launched business. Courtney is quite talented and has taught herself how to sew and design some amazing fandom related clothing.


Batgirl dress and Harley Quinn Tutu


In her own words:

I got inspired to start making clothes after going to a few conventions and looking for specific clothing items and being unable to find them. As an avid watcher of Project Runway, I thought that perhaps I could make what I was looking for. So I did, with a lot of trial and error. I design clothes that I want to buy, that I want to wear. I view clothes as a sort of modern day armor, sometimes I need an extra boost of confidence, so I wear my Batgirl dress and it helps me take on the world. Clothes should make you feel good and inspired, that’s what I hope you’ll find here.

Demon Trap circle skirt inspired by Supernatural

You can find Courtney’s awesome clothes on her Etsy or through her Facebook. Most everything she makes can be custom made to fit you specifically. Since July is Star Wars month, you should check out the Smuggler’s Special Han Solo inspired skirt which is on sale for 10% off through July.

Come back tomorrow to learn about The Nerdy Girls Studio.

Be sure and enter our July Star Wars giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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