Orphan Black S.5 Ep. 5: Ease for Idle Millionaires

By Courtney

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This episode starts with Cosima doing a test on a tooth from the beast in the woods. She is trying to figure out what the tooth is from. We also learn that the people on the island are hunting for the beast thing to protect the residents of the encampment.


We flashback to Cosima finding intellectual property written in her genes. This is the moment that Cosima realizes that she belongs to someone else. Throughout the seasons Cosima has been a rock for her sisters, she has been focused on the science and finding a cure and has been stable for the most part. We get a chance to see her freak out a little and question Delphine for being paid to lie to her. I can’t imagine how I would react upon learning that I was created like that.Cosima questions her existence and her choices and who she is.

Image result for orphan black season 5 episode 5

Back in present day Cosima learns what gene PT Westmoreland and Susan are actually researching and uses the knowledge to gain an invitation to dinner with them and Delphine. During the dinner, PT Westmoreland reveals that Delphine has betrayed Cosima again. From the information she gains at dinner, Cosima learns that the real plan for Kira is to harvest her eggs and implant them into 1300 surrogates to see if her healing trait is hereditary. The guy/beast breaks into the house during dinner and PT Westmoreland follows him to the basement. Mud warns Cosima not to go down there, but of course she ignores her. Cosima accuses PT Westmoreland of not being as old as he says he is and of lying about what he’s actually up to. He responds by asking her to do the humane thing and kill his experiment. Cosima thinks about it, because it probably is the more humane thing to do, this guy has been tortured and experimented on. She tells PT that he owns her life and has the ability to end it, but that he does not own her humanity. She goes over and starts to comfort him and PT kills him and locks Cosima in the cage.


During the episode Sarah makes a deal with Kira to learn about the connection Kira has to the rest of the clones. Delphine shows up to talk to Mrs S at the end of the episode to let her know what the plan for Kira is and they covertly exchange secrets.


I liked this episode because we got to know more about Cosima. We did also get a big question answered regarding the end goal for the research with Kira. The beast will also no longer be terrorizing the island. We still have questions, what is Mrs. S’s end goal? How long will Cosima be trapped in the cage? How soon are they going to try and harvest Kira’s eggs? Is PT really as old as he says he is?


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