Orphan Black S.5 EP. 6: Manacled Slim Wrists

By Courtney

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This is a Krystal episode! I love Krystal because she gets so close to the truth on her own and then misses it spectacularly. She is a hoot to watch. This episode starts with Krystal and her friend on the their vlog. They are recording an episode and discover that her friend’s hair is literally breaking off. Krystal comes to the obvious conclusion in her mind, that her friend has obviously been targeted by the big cosmetics industry. She calls Art who realizes that she’s stumbled on half the truth in typical Krystal form.

On the island, Cosima tries to convince Mud to free her from her cage and we learn Mud’s backstory. Mud is extremely faithful to PT Westmoreland because he saved her life and gave her a place to go. She used to be a drug addict who stole from her parents and tried to overdose. Mud spent six months as a vegetable before waking up on the island. It appears she credits PT with giving her life meaning and a second chance. Dr. Coady also shows up on the island due to PT’s invite and Ira realizes that they are taking the blood from children and infusing it into PT to try and extend his life. Susan realizes things are going too far and that she is unable to control them. She plots an escape plan with Ira who has been slowly glitching and not telling anyone.


Krystal reveals that she has been texting the CEO of a cosmetic company that was just purchased by Dyad. Art and Sarah hatch a plan to get information from him, but Krystal insists that she be the one to find out if he is a hypocrite. Krystal wows them by pulling out an earpiece and giving them the code so they can listen and help her.  At this point all we can do is watch as hilarity ensues as Krystal pumps the guy for the information they need in epic Krystal formation. Krystal proves that she is just as strong and determined as her clone sisters, she just has a very unique way of doings. They discover that Dyad has been experimenting with transmitting gene therapy through a dermal level which makes them a whole lot scarier.

On the island Mud agrees to not get in the way while Ira helps Cosima escape. Ira gives Cosima a piece of information. Susan and Mud try to kill PT. Cosima is trying to leave the island and finds the residents in an uproar over the death of a young girl who’s cancer PT was supposed to be curing. The residents empty Cosima’s bag and she shows them what Ira gave her earlier, a picture of young PT with Susan from the 60’s showing that PT has been lying and that there is no fountain of youth. The residents agree to let Cosima leave and then start setting fire to all the buildings. Cosima finds Charlotte and gets in the boat to wait for Susan and Ira. We see Ira looking for Susan only to find her dead, connected to the same drip bag she tried to kill PT with. Dr. Coady had interrupted her attempt on PT’s life and apparently thought the answer was to kill her. Ira sits beside Susan’s body and continues to glitch.  Cosima realizes that they are not coming and leaves the island in the boat.


The episode ends with Rachel coming to collect Kira for a “sleep study”. We know that PT is ready to start testing hormones on Kira, this may be how it starts.

I really liked this episode, but I am probably biased because I especially enjoy episodes with Krystal. Krystal brings such a great comedic element to the show. We’re over halfway done with the season and we’re getting more answers. We know that PT is not 170 as he claims, we know what happened to Mud. Cosima is free from the cage and the island hopefully. I understand why PT couldn’t die in this episode, he’s hydra, the final big bad. Although from what we’ve seen of Dr. Coady, she’d probably give him a run for his money in the bad department, she literally has no line she won’t cross. And we still have questions, what is PT going to do now? When are they going to harvest Kira’s eggs. Delphine? Where is Alison? Who are all of Mrs. S’s contacts?

Until next time clone club.

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