Game Of Thrones S.7 Ep.1: Dragonstone

By Domoni

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It feels like we have waited so long for the return of Winter, finally it is here. Game Of Thrones Season 7 premiered last night and I have feelings. Spoilers ahead.

From the opening segment my heart was in my chest. A quick previously on, covered the necessary information for a quick reminder of where we are now then smoothly slips into what I thought was a flashback scene. Walder Frey is feasting his family for a job well done in slaughtering the Stark’s. A few moments in and it dawns on my that Arya must be wearing the face of Frey, as all the Frey men begin to gasp and fall from the poisoned wine they have been served.  In true Avenging Arya style, she drops a wicked line and struts out. Welcome back to Westeros.


At times the show did slip into some slow but necessary bits to let us know where characters are. We have a moment where Meera and Bran arrive at the wall, Lord Commander Edd Tollet opens the gate to ask who they are, he appears to doubt the youngest living Stark until he fills him in with some of his three eyed raven mojo and they all enter Castle Black.


Back in Winterfell, Jon is rousing the North to prepare for the war with the White Walkers. He assigned Tormund to head to the vulnerable castles on the wall and man them with the free folk. A public row with Sansa has the Stark siblings arguing about punishing betrayal and rewarding loyalty before Jon pulls the “I’m the King” card and Sansa pouts. Then the bannermen are instructed to train all able bodies between the ages of 10 and 60 which gives us the chance to watch another epic Lyanna Mormont moment.


Sansa follows Jon from the meeting to further berate him for not listening to her. To me she comes off as very petty and vengeful, Sansa is broken and it feels as though she wants to break other people. She has been through hell, but that doesn’t mean she is the only one who knows how to battle. A timely demand from Cersei that Jon bend the knee has Sansa warning Jon to listen to her more.

Oh and about Cersei, she is down in King’s Landing playing at ruler of the Seven Kingdoms ( Three at best as Jaime reminds her) as the Lannister siblings argue over what move to make, Cersei seems to be failing to grasp she does not have the power she thinks she does. She has lost all of her allies, but seems to have a plan to make some new ones with massive boats. Seriously where did they get the wood to build all those boats so fast.


Enter Euron Greyjoy, Lord of the makeover. Seriously though, it is good to be the pretend king. He comes in with some serious swagger, excellent jokes about having two hands and offers his fleet to Cersei so they can murder their family members together in matrimony. When she turns him down, he promises to return with a gift she cannot refuse and struts out in his fancy leather pants.

A pop over to the Citadel and we see Sam dealing with all the shit, quite literally. I think this was the hardest scene for me to watch since I began watching this show. So much bedpan nastiness. Sam wants to find the information to help fight the white walkers but he is not yet a maester and is struggling. So he steals some keys and enters the restricted section.

At Winterfell again we get a nice little gift in the form of Brienne and Tormund. I can never get enough of their interactions. Then Littlefinger gets all smarmy with Sansa before she knocks him down with a few well placed barbs.


Cut to Arya stumbling upon an Ed Sheeran concert for the soldiers. It’s a cute little scene where we get a glimpse into the ordinary men that fight the battles before Arya confesses she is heading south to Kings Landing to kill the Queen, cue my disappointment that she is not heading to Winterfell.


The Hound is with the Brotherhood Without Banners and we get a moment of him being more of a decent human being and feeling sorrow over the deaths of the man and daughter who took him and Arya in. He finally looks into the flames and sees a vision from the Lord of Light that shows the Night King and his army marching on the wall.


At the citadel again with more poop and soup and suddenly a scaly Jorah arm shoots out as he asks Sam if the Dragon Queen has come yet. So things are not looking good for the old knight with a thing for Dany. Sam hits the books and low and behold there is a map of Dragonstone which is full of dragonglass, who would have thunk it.

Speaking of Dany, the Mother of Dragons is finally home.


They crammed a lot of catch up into this episode yet still had enough drama to keep me anxious. This season is off to a good start in my opinion and as long as Tormund is not killed on the wall, I am excited to see what it will bring.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO or you can stream it on Amazon with an HBO subscription, get 7 free days now and catch up.

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