Orphan Black S. 5 Ep. 7: Gag or Throttle

by CourtneyCourtney


This episode embodies one of the reasons that I love Orphan Black. None of the clones are one sided, they are all multi-dimensional characters, including Rachel. Rachel has been a villain on Orphan Black for a number of seasons, but we don’t really know much about her other than she was raised as Susan’s daughter knowing that she was a clone. We got a look at her past and the opportunity to see why she is the way she is during the episode.

The bulk of the episode focused on Rache,l who seemed to be struggling for the first time with PT Westmoreland’s instructions regarding Kira. The episode did some really beautiful flashbacks and scene cutting that was genius. Rachel grew up in a place where she watched experiments and was an experiment and she expected results. In one flashback, she has killed a clone and done an autopsy on her to find answers. Rachel feels no remorse for her actions and is confused when she isn’t rewarded for it. Rachel grows up knowing her clone number and the clone numbers of her sisters.

Cosima has successfully escaped from the island and has her team under the comic store researching PT to find his true identity. She is successful and sends it to Sarah. Sarah is allowed to talk to Kira who uses the code they came up with to tell her that they plan on taking her to the island. Sarah understandably freaks out and tries to come up with a plan to get her out. Sarah calls Rachel and tells her that PT is a fraud.

Rachel starts drinking a lot and going through memories. She realizes that there is a camera in the eye she got implanted and works a plan around it including warning Art to get Sarah and Mrs. S out of the house as someone is coming to kill them. She gets Kira out of Dyad with Sarah instead of sending her to the island. The episode ends with Rachel breaking a glass and physically pulling out her eye.  


I really enjoyed this episode because we got to see so much more of Rachel. Rachel has always been this cold distant villain and this episode brought the nature versus nurture argument front and center. Rachel is literally a product of her environment and that makes her understandable, especially when she starts to question the people she has given her unwavering loyalty to. She sees herself in Kira and her sisters in the eggs they want to harvest from Kira, which is why I think she ultimately helps her escape. We did the see the return of Allison in this episode, although now she has purple hair and a new outlook on life, how that fits into the next three episodes should be interesting. We do not know what Dr Coady or PT has planned, other than attempting to extend life. We don’t know what Rachel is going to do now with one eye, or what Sarah, Mrs. S and Kira are going to do to stay safe from PT.  The fact that we were given no clues about next week’s episode is giving me anxiety.

Until then clone club!

Orphan Black Airs Saturday nights on BBCA or you can stream it on Amazon Here.

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