Star Wars Month: Conversations With Characters, Sarah of Pixelosis

by Courtney


I met Sarah a couple years ago at Geek Girl Con. My friend Abby was vending there and I was attending the con to help her and Sarah with their tables and check out the convention for the first time. Abby had told me a lot of great things about Sarah, all of which turned out to be true. Nerdy jewelry that is classy and unique is really hard to find. I think I only had a couple Supernatural necklaces before I met Sarah. Now on any given day, I’m usually wearing three of her pieces because they’re subtle and it’s the aesthetic I prefer. I used to wear other earrings, now you pretty much have to pry me out of my lightsaber earrings. I remember attempting to help her set up her table at Geek Girl Con that year. Every design had a name and I thought I kinda knew classic Nintendo, I do not. Sarah was incredibly patient and explained where it all went. One of the things I appreciate about her, is her genuine love for the things she makes. While I do not share her love of video games, I respect the hell out of it. She is one of my favorite people and she makes amazing jewelry, which is why I buy it and tell people all about it. I asked this talented lady some questions, here’s what she had to say:

C: When did you start making jewelry?

S: My aunt makes fine jewelry and whenever she came to visit us she would teach me how to make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from scrap materials she had with her. That was when I moved to Orlando, so it would be about 13 years ago.


C: What was your inspiration behind starting your business?

S: A very good gamer friend of mine had started making pixel art with perler beads. I had never seen anything like it before and wished there was a way to make them smaller so I could have earrings of all my favorite pixelated video game characters. I bought some black, white, and seed beads at Michael’s and began experimenting with wire. The wire characters came out horrible haha! I still have them and all my early rejected creations. I remember Google searching to see if there was a way to securely connect beads together with string and that’s how I found near weaving.

C: What’s your favorite fandom?

S: I have so many favorite fandoms! I suppose if I had to choose one it would have to be one I spent the most time with and that would be the Elder Scrolls series. I beat Morrowind 3 times with 3 different characters with hundreds of hours on each one! I don’t even think I played WOW that much haha! I just loved the completely open world! I explored every inch of that map with all my characters. It was so bad that if something crappy happened in real life I would think, “that’s ok, I’ll just restart from my last save.. Oh wait..”.


C: What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you’ve ever made?

S: I  have favorite characters that I make into jewelry, but a piece of jewelry I am most proud of was my large Majora’s Mask! It was such a complicated piece with all those different shades of colors and with it’s funky shape. I was so happy with it once it was done.

C: Do you have a favorite convention you like to attend as a vendor?

S: My favorite conventions to attend as a vendor are always the smaller ones like Geek Girl Con, Portland Retro Gaming Expo, and recently I attended Norwescon for the first time.  The staff is happy to have you there, so it’s a completely different feeling from something like Emerald City Comicon where you just feel like a number. Nothing against ECCC though! I still enjoy attending!

C: What’s the sweetest fan/buyer experience that you can remember?

S: My sweetest fan memory was of this little boy who must have been around 5 or 6. I don’t remember which convention I met him at, but I’ll never forget him! He came up to my table and started naming every single pixelated character and item I had out for sale and would explain where each one was from. His dad kept apologizing that he was talking so much, but I thought it was the cutest thing ever! On his third visit to my table I had found out from his dad that they’re starting him out with the older video game systems before he can play any of the new ones, haha! His favorite character was Yoshi, so I ended up giving him a Yoshi egg since I was sold out of baby Yoshis already.


C: We’re celebrating Star Wars month on the blog, who is your favorite Star Wars character?

S: There are so many star wars characters to choose from! I first watched star wars as a very young child with my dad. We had the trilogy on VHS and it was on quite often. I remember thinking the jawa were super freaking adorable and I loved their nonsense sounding language haha! Utini is my text message noise.

From one fangirl to another, this stuff is legit.


Sarah works full time as a baker and is the mama to 2 fur babies and 1 scaley baby. In her spare time she makes nerdy jewelry for pixelosis to sell on her Etsy shop or at multiple conventions. Her other hobbies include cake decorating,  knitting, playing video games and collecting all things Cthulhu.

You can find her work  on Etsy at Pixelosis, or on her Facebook.

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