Orphan Black S. 5 Ep. 8 : Guillotines Decide

By Courtney


Bahh, this episode. This episode starts with Sarah and Mrs. S waiting for something to happen now that they have Kira back at home. The nervousness palpitates the room. Nothing happens and then we switch scenes and are watching Rachel get her eye repaired and sewn closed thanks to Ferdinand.


Art shows up at Mrs. S’s house to take Kira and Charlotte somewhere safe to protect them from the oncoming storm. They leave and Felix returns home with his sister Adele because he has an art show that night and he is very excited about it. Mrs. S insists that they can take a day off from crazy and support Felix and his show.  Mrs. S takes off to do something and insists that everything really is good and that Sarah needs to show up to support Felix.


Delphine and Mrs. S. arrive at Rachel’s hotel room where Ferdinand ushers them in and they talk business. Mrs. S is responsible for Ferdinand coming to Rachel’s rescue. Mrs. S gives Rachel all of their evidence and theories under the understanding that she share all the evidence of the dirty money bribes committed and tracked by Dyad. She gives Rachel the info and leaves Rachel to make up her mind about what to do with it. Ferdinand wants to blackmail all the big heads of the companies and make tons of money off of it. Rachel wants her freedom and to disappear. Ferdinand doesn’t seem to understand that so she lets him take a flashdrive to the meeting with the board members, she knows it’s blank, he does not. She does not expect him to return from the meeting.


At Felix’s art show, he realizes that he may have oversold what he was selling and uses the seestras by introducing them one at a time and making it appear as if it’s one person. Back at home, Sarah can’t get off the topic that Mrs S is up to something and Adele chews her out, which I think is well deserved. Adele tells Sarah how much her brother cares about her and she needs to pull her head out of her ass and appreciate him and support him. Mrs. S seems cool at the art show, happy almost that their almost free. Felix is happy and that was the moment that scared me a lot. I was deeply concerned that Felix was going to die at that moment. Like Sarah, I was convinced that things were going too well. The moment remains happy and nothing nefarious happens. Freedom is close, they have all the information they need to be free. Mrs. S gets a call from Rachel that Ferdinand survived the meeting and is on the loose.  Mrs. S slips out of the art show and goes back home to face off against Ferdinand. They have a show down and Mrs. S has hidden several guns around her house. Ferdinand shoots her, but she lives long enough to take him down first. Mrs. S dies looking at a picture of Felix and Sarah. Mrs. S is the matriarch that’s been holding her family together for a long time, her loss is definitely going to be felt.


Also in this episode, Gracie finds Helena at the convent, but changes her mind about telling Dr. Coady about her. Dr. Coady is able to use her resources to find her using the phone call she made anyways and Art’s partner kills Gracie and takes Helena.


I can’t believe there are only two episodes left. Mrs. S sacrificed a lot to keep her children safe and happy, I really hope that it pays off. We didn’t see anymore of PT Westmoreland in this episode, but I really doubt that he’s gone for good. I am curious to see if Rachel disappears the way she wants too. Allison is different and trying to find herself and I want to see how Donnie takes that, right now he seems very confused by her. The episode ended with Helena being threatened and that’s never gone well in the past for the people threatening her. Helena has had to hide for most of the season, I’m hoping she gets to shine in the next episode. The seestras are going to need to come together to deal with the lose of Mrs. S, I’m hoping they do.


Until next time clone club!

Orphan Black Airs Saturday nights on BBCA or you can stream it on Amazon Here.



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