Game of Thrones S. 7 Ep. 3 : The Queen’s Justice

By Domoni


Finally, Jon Snow has come to meet The Mother Of Dragons.  I find it interesting that the one thing everyone wanted, was actually not the most interesting thing about this week’s episode. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. There was just so much to love in this episode.


We start with Missandei and Tyrion meeting Jon Snow and Davos on the shore of Dragonstone. As they make their way to the throne room, Tyrion asks about Sansa and makes it clear how he feels about being forced to marry her and that he never consummated or forced her. Jon acts as though he doesn’t care, we all know he cares. Suddenly Dragons. Jon and Davos hit the ground, everyone giggles.


The  next scene shows Varys finding Mellisandre on a cliff watching Jon’s arrival. She doesn’t want to be a part of the action and claims to have played her part bringing fire and ice together. Varys encourages her to leave and never come back. Mellisandre confirms she is heading to Volantis, but she must come back. She is destined to die in Westeros and so is the Spider. Varys obviously does not enjoy this reminder of the prophecy.

In the Throne room, Missandei rattles off all the titles with specific emphasis on the word Rightful. A glance from Jon has Davos stammer out his name and then a oh yeah he’s the King in the North. Awkward! Daenerys tells Jon she expects him to fall in line, he is having none of that. We get a little lesson in the families lineage and some more stubborn demanding, then a Jon shoots back with why should I care if the Stark were loyal to your ancestors when your daddy burned up my ancestor and like half the world. We finally get a sober response to that from Khaleesi. She offers an apology to Jon and swears she is not like her father.


Now Jon has to move on to why he doesn’t care about the war for the throne and tht he will protect his people. He asks her to be his ally against the army of the dead and she of course treats him like a nutter. Davos gets a bit riled up and defends Jon, mentions how he took a knife to the heart before Jon cuts him off quickly, no need to let them know he died. Suddenly, Varys burst in and whispers in the Queens ear. She dismisses Jon and Davos to their chambers, Jon asks if he is a prisoner, Dany says not yet.

Later, Tyrion finds a mopey Jon brooding. He asks Tyrion if he believes him about the white walkers. Tyrion  does believe Jon is an honest man but the claim sounds insane and he is asking for too much with no proof. So he recommends Jon asks for something he can actually help him with. Tyrion takes the request to his queen. WHy would they want the dragonglass? To make weapons that do.. something… to the army of the dead.

Jon finds Dany overlooking the sea, she grants his request to mine the dragonglass. Though undeclared, they are closer to becoming allies. Jon asks if she believes him now, she coolly replies ” You better get to work, Jon Snow.”

The streets of King’s Landing and Euron parades Yara, Ellaria and her daughter through the streets. Another showing of how disgusting and vicious people can be as they cheer the women being dragged on leashes. Euron drags the Dornish women into the throne room and deposits them at Cersei’s feet. He makes a verbal jab at Jaime by offering her the woman who killed her daughter. She agrees to grant him his previous request of marriage, after the war is over. He visibly bristles at not receiving instant gratification but covers it up by hopping over to the queen’s brother lover to make some crude remarks about how she likes sex.


Off to the black cells for Ellaria and Tyene. They are chained to opposite sides of the cell as Cersei enters. She talks about she could understand why Ellaria had done what she did. How she remembers how beautiful Oberyn was on the day he died and how awful her scream was as the man she loved died. She speaks of Tyene’s beauty and how she is surely her mothers favorite. Then Cersei embraces the girl and kisses her on the mouth, much as Ellaria kisses Myrcella goodbye. We see the truth in the women’s eyes as Cersei wipes her lips then takes the antidote. She instructs the guards to change the torches often so Ellaria won’t miss a moment of her daughters death. This scene closes with mother and daughter straining at their bonds to reach each other.

Next Cersei launches herself at Jaime who rebuffs her for a moment, but she won’t allow that. She forcefully kisses him before making her way down his body. Laying in bed the next morning for an almost normal intimate scene, Jaime watches Cersei sleep. You could almost forget they are twins and she is seriously evil, but this is Game of Thrones. A knock on the door and she is bounding out of bed, Jaime tries to stop her from answering the door, as they shouldn’t be seen like that. Cersei is all I’m the queen, I do what I want and opens the door wide. The handmaiden announces a visitor and Cersei is all ok, oh and bring me clean sheets, these ones are covered in incest. All normal business in the capital.

Cersei meets with the Iron bank, they want their money. She promises they will have their money in a fortnight.

At Winterfell, Sansa is in charge and managing well. Taking stock and being the boss who will get her people through the long Winter.  Littlefinger is still trying to manipulate her, claiming he knows Cersei better than anyone. Not anyone, Sansa replies before he tells her to always be fighting at every angle. Someone tells Sansa to hurry to the gate. She comes around a wagon and sees Meera and then suddenly Bran Stark is back at Winterfell. The world tears up at this unexpected reunion, but Bran is now apparently a talking wooden toy.


The Siblings talk alone under the Godswood Tree. Sansa offers to give her power to Bran, telling him he is now Lord of Winterfell. He replies he can never be lord of anything, he is the Three Eyed Raven now, which apparently means you are an unfeeling personality free ass. He goes on to explain how he has seen everything by describing her wedding night at Winterfell. How beautiful the snow was and how beautiful her dress was before Sansa flees from being forced to have her rape recounted to her.

At the Citadel, the Archmaester examines Jorah while Sam looks on. He asks how this happened. Jorahs replies he just suddenlly felt better. The Archmaester says it would almost appear someone cut off all the skin and treated you and Jorah and Sam say nothing, because shhhh secret. Jorah is declared healed and told to go away so a sick person can have his room. Sam is summoned to the principals office. He gets told off and congratulated for breaking the rules and saving Jorah’s life and rewarded with some tedious copy work.

at Casterly Rock, Grey Worm leads the attack and easily takes over. But wait, there should have been an army there. Suddenly Euron’s ships take out the boats Dany’s army needs to get back home.

Oh, there’s the Lannister army, heading to Highgarden. Jaime leads the way with Jerkface Tarly and Bron by his side. Olenna’s home is overrun and Jaime meets her in her chambers. He explains how Dany’s forces are being decimated. They let them have Casterly rock, because now they will starve as they march across land to try and get home. Olenna asks how she will die Jaime compassionately tells her he talked Cersei out of the torture and he pours poison into her wine. She asks if it is going to hurt and he promises that it will not. Olenna says good, chugs the wine and then drops the bombshell. SHe would hate to go out in the horrible way his son died, she didn’t realize it would be so ghastly as she had never seen that poison work before. Tell Cersei…..


This episode was the most satisfying and thrilling episode the series has given us to date in my opinion. The game is finally really on and the players are all in the mix. No more kid gloves. The only things that could have improved this episode for me would have been to see Arya and Gendry meet on the road to Winterfell, or Brienne and Tormund sharing some furs.

I loved how Jon faced Daenerys. He would not back down because he sees the big picture. I cannot wait for the reveal of his parentage and to see where that puts those two in the larger picture. This episode has me yelling at the screen and so much of it was just YAASSSSSSS!!! I cannot wait to see what next week brings us.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Let us know in the comments.

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