Star vs. the Forces of Evil

By Hannah


Our theme for August is Heroines. So we will celebrate some of our favorite strong women.  Hannah is starting us out with her review of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.


Star VS the Forces of Evil is an original cartoon series produced by Disney Television Animation.  Season 1 and 2 are streaming on Hulu.  Season 3 started with a made for t.v. movie in June and will resume in November. You can also stream it on Amazon here.


It’s gonna get a little weird

Gonna get a little wild

I ain’t from round here

I’m from another dimension


These are the opening lyrics to the show.  It’s a promise of what is to come and I’m happy to say that the show keeps that promise.  Star Butterfly is the crowned princess on Mewni.  She likes war-ni-corns, fighting monsters, and having adventures.  On her 14th birthday, she receives her magic wand and chaos promptly ensues.  To help her learn control, and to keep her safe, Butterfly’s parents send her to Earth as an exchange student.  There she meets Marco Diaz, the straight A safe kid, with a green belt in karate, and a passion for nachos.  Together they fight monsters, do magic, and have great adventures.


Star is very literal minded, honest, enthusiastic, and crazy.  She comes to Earth and wins hearts with her over the top antics and friendly personality.  I like that she is caring, questioning, and kicks butt.  She may get a lot of things wrong, but her heart is in the right place, and she is unstoppable.  Marco is smart, shy, and not afraid to show his emotions.  Star quickly becomes his best friend.  


When I started watching this show, I thought it was just going to be a stupid cartoon with puns and dumb jokes.  It is, but it’s so much more.  This show depicts healthy relationships.  Both Marco’s and Star’s parents are married to their best friends.  It doesn’t romanticize problematic behavior, but it also doesn’t demonize it.  Star’s best friend off Earth is Ponyhead, a mildly narcissistic princess who does not like Marco at first.  Instead of dropping her or cutting her off, Star encourages Ponyhead to get to know Marco.  Ponyhead and Marco will never be besties, but they do develop a friendship.  Tom, Star’s ex, has a temper.  He is working on controlling it because he knows that it is a problem.  It also models ways for people to set boundaries with loved ones, which can be a very difficult thing to do.


I recommend this cartoon for anyone who likes adventure, emotional growth, and magic.  The chemistry between characters is amazing, and both the opening theme and ending theme songs keep the promise of the show.  They will get stuck in your head, and you won’t even care that much.


I think Earth is a pretty great place

That’s saying something, ‘cause I’ve been through outer space


4.5 out of 5 stars

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