Orphan Black S. 5 Ep. 9 : One Fettered Slave


By Courtney


The closer we get to the series finale, the more reluctant I find myself when it comes to watching these episodes. I have loved this show from the beginning and am not eager to see it end. This episode gave us a backstory that I didn’t know I wanted to see until it was in front of me. Helena has always been a complicated character and we finally get to see why. I remember meeting the character of Helena in season one and wishing they would kill her off, I hated her. But then she was gone for a couple episodes and I found myself missing her. Over the course of the show, she has become one of my favorite characters.


We see Helena as a little girl in the convent being cruelly punished for accidentally watching a nun pleasure herself. The nun bleaches her hair and locks her in a closet. Helena is then adopted by a man who teaches her that her life purpose is to rid the world of the “dirty copies”. Helena makes her first kill in a church and realizes that the girl looks like her and that she herself is a copy. The man who adopts her, tells her that she is the original and now we know why Helena was hell bent on killing all the clones when we first meet her.


This episode also deals with the consequences of Mrs. S’s death and it’s a loss that is felt by everyone. Felix is driven to act because he feels like he can’t sit still and Sarah sits back and is there for Kira and herself. I was really proud of Sarah for making the decision to stay with Kira, I feel like the Sarah from season 1 would have made a different decision. Sarah is actively trying to be a better mom and be there for Kira when she wasn’t there in the past. Felix and Art go bug Rachel about where Helena is after a nun comes to them and tells Sarah that Helena has been taken.


Helena is currently in the hands of Dr. Coady and PT. PT wants cord blood from Helena’s babies and orders Dr. Coady around to try and get the results he wants. Dr. Coady listens to him for the most part, even killing Mark, the last castor clone at his request. Killing Mark doesn’t sit well with Dr. Coady and is why she insists on preserving the life of Helena’s babies, she needs something new to experiment on. Helena waits until she’s alone and tries to cut her shackles off and when it fails, she tries to kill herself and her babies to prevent them from being a science experiment the way she was. Considering that Helena has been ferociously protective of her babies, her willingness to end all of their lives is a sign of her desperation, her final act of protecting them and it is heartbreaking to watch.


Art, Felix, Rachel and Sarah realize that the only way to find Helena is to offer up Rachel to PT and track where they take her. When they are taking Rachel in to see PT, she was slightly off in her mannerisms. She goads PT and he figures out that it’s not Rachel, it’s Sarah when he lifts up her eye patch. Sarah is only saved by Dr. Coady bursting in telling her that they need her blood to give to Helena. Dr. Coady hooks Sarah up to Helena who is unconscious and Dr. Coady informs Sarah that she will be cutting the babies out unless Helena wakes up. In true Helena form, she comes to and tricks Dr. Coady into coming close to her and bashes her head into the bed rails. Helena hands Sarah a knife and prepares to flee. At this point we do not know if Dr. Coady is dead or alive. As Helena stands up, her water breaks and the episode ends.


This episode was really good. We got see how much the clones have grown as people and it sets us up for the final episode. Ugh, I’m not happy about the final episode. Tatiana Maslany is amazing and this episode definitely showcased that. Sometimes when she’s Helena, I forget that it’s one person doing all of it. Her ability to act as a clone, acting like another clone in a way that is completely believable will always blow my mind. I do not know how they are going to wrap up everything in an hour. Neolution is falling, but PT is still currently alive, as is Art’s terrifying partner. I don’t think we’ll ever learn how connected Kira is to all of the seestras, or how it works. The show runners have been hinting at a wedding between Cosima and Delphine all season, I hope it happens. There’s a lot of action that needs to happen in the next episode and I hope it ends with all the members of clone club alive and going on to live quiet happy lives where they get together for sister barbeques every once in awhile. I want them all to have happy endings, I’m a sucker for a happy ending.


Until next week, the final final week Clone Clubbers.


Orphan Black Airs Saturday nights on BBCA or you can stream it on Amazon Here.



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