Game of Thrones S. 7 Ep. 4 : The Spoils Of War

By Domoni


We start with Jaime and Bron returning from Highgarden with the gold and goods. Jaime gives Bron a large bag of gold, but Bron wants the castle he was promised. He would love to take Highgarden but Jaime denies him, telling him they are at war and someone will just come and try and take it from him and that when the war is over he can take his pick of castles.


Back at King’s Landing, Cersei is with the man from the Iron bank. She assures him the money will be there and he is all grovelling and useful, as long as the money actually comes through.  He assures her the Iron Bank will support her as long as the gold comes in.


In Winterfell, Littlefinger is doing what Littlefinger does. He is trying to sway someone. This time his focus is on the man formerly known as Bran Stark. He offers Bran the dagger that was used in his attempted murder. Bran delivers his current level of power on a silver platter to Baylish by telling him ” Chaos is a ladder.” Which is a phrase Lord Baylish uttered to Varys many moons ago while secretly scheming.


Meera comes to say goodbye to Bran. He has a fancy new wheelchair to get him around now and doesn’t need his lady powered sled. She wants to be with her remaining family when the frozen death comes south of the wall. Bran again shows  his new unemotional side as Meera lists all those who died to get him to his uncaring power.


And now finally, Arya is home. She comes to the gates of Winterfell and is challenged by the guards. She finally convinces them to let her through the gate even though she cannot convince them she is a Stark.  While the guards argue over who will inform Sansa of the new arrival, she slips off to the family crypt. Sansa hears out the guards and realizes it is really her younger sibling and knows where to find her. We get a sisterly reunion in the cold hall of the dead with an unflattering statue of Ned looking over. Sansa tells Arya that she isn’t the only sibling to make it home.


Under the Weirdwood tree, Arya is reunited with Bran. She learns he has visions and seems to accept it without question. For a girl who can change her face, not much should be weird at this point I suppose. Bran shows off his fancy new dagger, but gives it to Arya who of course  is thrilled to now have her own Valyrian steel blade.


Back on DragonStone, Daenerys and Missandei are walking along and discussing the unsullied. Missandei obviously wants her man back which Dany notices and has to pump her for some girl talk about what went down…. Before details can happen in a good girl talk chat, Jon Snow arrives to take the Mother of Dragons on a tour of the mine.


Jon shows Khaleesi the dragonglass glimmering in the cave, and then he shows her ancient drawings made by the children of the forest. The images depict them working with humans to battle the white walkers. Daenerys seems to finally be willing to aid in the battle against the army of the dead, if Jon will bend the knee. He again refuses to submit, explaining his people would never accept a ruler from the south again. She insists they will follow his lead, in a conversation that mirrors the plea Jon made to Mance.


When they exit the cave, Tyrion is there with bad news. Daenerys is angry and wants to fly off and burn the Red Keep and everyone in it. Tyrion insists this is not the way to go. She asks Jon his advice and he tells her if she wants to be a better ruler, melting cities and castles with a dragon will not convince the people.


Back in Winterfell, Podrick is taking another beating/training session with Brienne. Arya observes before saying she wishes to train with the warrior who defeated the hound. Brienne and Arya spar while Sansa and Littlefinger look on from above. As Arya enjoys showing off her skill, Sansa seems to be less than thrilled at her younger siblings abilities. When an impressed Brienne asks who taught Arya to fight, she replies “noone.”


Back at Dragonstone Theon arrives on the beach with some of the Greyjoy men. Jon meets him there and informs him only the fact he saved Sansa is keeping him alive. He tells the envoy he has come to ask the Queen to help him save Yara, but he finds out the Queen is not on the island.


Back in The Reach, Jaime, Jerkface Tarly and Bron are watching the last of the troops and supplies. Suddenly, Bron hears the thunder. As the men realize what is coming, they yell for their soldiers to line up shields and spears. They form a perimeter around the loot train and Jaime and Jerkface Tarly keep yelling at the men to hold the line and not let the Dothraki horde through, when Drogon and Daenerys appear to decimate the line with fire.


This battle is rather epic. It may not have had the build up that the other anticipated battles like the Battle of the Bastards, but it still blew me away. When Dany says dracarys I get a little giddy. The Dothraki could have taken the Lannisters on their own, but with Drogon flying overhead, there was no question. Bron puts up a hell of a fight and makes his way to the secret weapon. He gets off a shot that goes wide and misses but alerts the queen to the weapon. As she comes in to destroy it Bron gets another massive arrow off which strikes Drogon. He appears to fall from the sky but catches himself to land on his feet. He takes out the enormous bow and while Daenerys tends to him, Jaime sees her seemingly unprotected attempting to pull the giant arrow from her dragons shoulder.


As Tyrion watches from a hill vantage point, he pleads for his brother to flee. Jaime instead grabs a spear and charges at the queen. When he gets too close, Drogon moves his massive head and fire races towards Jaime. Luckily, Bron is near and he pushes Jaime from his horse and they both sink into the nearby strangely very deep water, safe from the fire but that doesn’t mean safe…..


While this episode didn’t seem quite as packed as last weeks, many great things happened. I am still so full of anticipation waiting for what is to come. The tension between the King in the North and the Rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men is heating up. So people seem to be clamoring for some more royal incest.  Will these two get busy before they find out that Jon is Dany’s nephew, will that matter to people from a family that wed siblings? Arya now has a pretty epic weapon that will kill white walkers, so the potential for her destiny is still just growing. Sansa is really still just an annoying envious girl in a lot of ways, I would like to see more actual growth from her. Can we just cook Cersei and move on to the real battle? Will Grey Worm make it home to Missandei? Hopefully, we will get some answers next week.


Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO or you can stream it on Amazon with an HBO subscription, get 7 free days now and catch up.



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