Fandomly Fashionable: Heroines

In August we are focusing on heroines. Women sometimes have a harder time finding role models in pop culture. Sure there are some great ones, but they are not as prevalent as male superheroes. Luckily we have people like Joss Whedon who know that girls need strong women to look up to and the with amazing films like Wonder Woman coming out on top, we are making great progress. So this month, we have been focusing on the strong women we admire. Since Courtney makes her clothes based on the heroes she admires much of the time, we discussed her motivations.


What defines a hero to you?

A true hero comes in dark when no one is looking and does what needs to be done.


Who is your favorite heroine and why?

My favorite heroine is Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. She is my favorite because she has no superpowers and must rely on her strength and wit to help her do the right thing. She is also flawed and still strives to do the right thing in spite of those flaws.


What inspires you about heroines?

Heroines show me that I do have the power to change the world, they are the people that I root for, that I try to be when I can in my everyday life.


How do you try and implement that in your designs?

I try and pull color schemes or general design shapes into the clothes I design. I like my clothes to be representative of the characters their designed after, but have it not be super obvious. My Batgirl dress is one of my favorite examples because the back was designed to be like a cape without being an obvious cape. That dress lends me the strength of Batgirl when I feel like I need it the most.


What future heroines do you have plans to create clothing around?

I think about a lot of different heroines when I design and I keep coming back to the ladies of Star Wars; Padme’s clothes are gorgeous and Princess Leia is such an iconic figure. I would really like to have a couple different designs from the both of them at some point. Gwen Poole is another character I keep coming back to because I’d really like to reclaim the color pink and show that you can be a total bad ass and wear pink.


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