Star Wars Marathon Musings Part 2

By Hannah


Part two of our marathon.  Episodes 4-7 is about eight and a half hours.  We watched all four movies this time.  


Episode 4: A New Hope

AKA: The mystery of R2D2 and stairs

AKA: Luke isn’t a dick, but he knows how they think

AKA: Leia is a bad ass

AKA: What’s with the chasms in a space station?

AKA: Why are they getting medals?

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Hannah: The first Star Wars is pretty amazing.  The acting is on point, visuals are great, and the chemistry is electric.  Too much CGI, but that’s easily ignored most of the time.  I love R2D2 by himself and like R2D2 and C3P0 together.  C3P0 on his own is way too annoying, but when they are together R2D2’s sassy beeping mellows out C3P0’s incessant whining.


Courtney: I like this movie because of how much Leia does not put up with Han and Luke, even when they’re trying to rescue her. It’s clear that this is a war she has been fighting for a long time. Luke acts like a teenager, but he’s supposed to, he walks into potentially dangerous situations with no plan and expects it to work out okay.


Hannah: Well they are all teenagers.  If this was a high school drama, not an epic space adventure, Luke would be the naive freshman, Han would be the captain of the football team, and Leia would be the student body president who is focused on getting into a good school while taking care of her younger siblings.  Somehow their energy meshes well, and they get the job done…


Courtney: I disagree with your assessment that Han would be the captain of the football team, I think he’s more of the older stoner who refuses to graduate. But the rest of your analogy I can get behind. Especially, because the attempted love triangle fails hard. Luke and Leia are the same age but the way they have been raised changes their mental age dramatically.


Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

AKA: Why do we need Han?

AKA: The only love triangle is in Han’s mind

AKA: Don’t trust the B in Cloud City!

AKA: Bait that Skywalker trap

AKA: Why doesn’t the force tell Darth about Leia?


AKA: We probably could have skipped this

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Hannah: This movie does not end.  The beginning is solid, but after everyone escapes, there are seven scenes too many of training in the swamp and flirting in a broken down space ship.  We get it, Han thinks Leia is cute.  We get it, handstands are hard.  Great.  Can we move on?  


Courtney: I forgot how long this movie is.  I like the beginning in the snow and then the middle feels like it drags. As slow as it is though, it’s still better than the first three movies. Han acts remarkably petulant in the beginning of the film, I feel like that could have been done better.


Hannah:  I feel like this is the movie that Harrison Ford hated the most out of the four movies he did.  It’s not really a secret that he hated the Han Solo character, so maybe the petulance and the way the movie dragged on and on was because his hatred was bleeding through?


Courtney: I do like that this movie showed us actual different worlds within the galaxy. Sometimes in movies with other planets, they all look like earth, like mountains and stuff. I appreciate that we got to see some extremes, I think it helped make it look a lot more believable.


Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

AKA: Random unneeded musical number

AKA: Luke’s planning is better. He grows

AKA: What has everyone been doing for four years?

AKA: So that’s what a bothan is

AKA: Ewoks will eat anything

AKA: Are Ewoks supposed to be cute or terrifying

AKA: Why is the stormtrooper’s armor even there?  

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Hannah: Everyone has really matured well in the four years between the end of The Empire Strikes Back and the beginning of Return of the Jedi.  Except Han, but he was frozen in time.  Why would they give him the title of general?  He is mostly there to joke around and make googly eyes at Leia.


Courtney: Go Luke! He’s actually grown by this movie and I appreciate that. He creates plans when encountering dangerous situations and relies on other people to help him. Leia is still amazing, she’s a princess but she knows she can handle herself so she goes where the action is.


Hannah:  I also like that the boys trust her when she does this.  In the first and second movie, no one wants to listen to her battle plans when shit goes down.  Han pretty much argues with her the entire time and Luke keeps trying to protect her.  In the third movie, Luke trusts her to get the job done and Han doesn’t argue as much.  Although he still sulks about Leia’s relationship with Luke.

Courtney: Han’s insecurity in this movie was weird. He keeps second guessing Leia’s feelings, but he doesn’t ever ask her about it. Leia is clearly team Han in this movie and Han somehow doesn’t get it.


Episode 7: The Force Awakens

AKA: Should have stuck with clones

AKA: Liar liar pants on fire

AKA: How does BB8 get up stairs?

AKA: Tantrum much?

AKA: That’s not how the force works

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Hannah:  This is my first time seeing The Force Awakens.  It’s amazeballs.  Goofy at all the right times, serious when needed, and full of tension.  I like that, so far, you can’t tell if there is any romantic tension.  In the orig-trig they tried to make a love triangle with Leia in the middle.  If they do that with these next three, it would probably be with Finn in the middle…  I would not object to that.


Courtney: I love this movie. I love BB8 and Rey and Finn. I appreciate that the creators were able to bring in new cast while still doing the previous cast justice. They brought in all the elements that I loved from the original trilogy and added new changes to make it even better.


Hannah:  BB8 was super cute.  I loved that more than one person could understand it.  Another thing that I loved about this movie is that they went back to more practical effects.  BB8 is real.  You can make it yourself!  The insta bread was also pretty cool, as well as just about everything else.  This movie combined the visuals of the three-quills (which were better than the orig-trig), with the great chemistry and story telling of the orig-trig.  Two more movies and hopefully The Force will be balanced.


Courtney: I like your reminder about their being two more movies coming, this movie was odd in that it felt like both a beginning and a continuation. I feel like it’s what producers strive for when they try to do a reboot. I honestly don’t really know where the next movie is going to go, but I’m excited and I want to go there. I like it when authors do that in book series, give you a contained, well ended story that leaves you content but wanting more.


So, the bad news is that if you do a Star Wars marathon in chronological, it is a very difficult start.  The good news though is that the marathon will end fantastically.  Totally worth the time.


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