Bingeable: Marvel’s Jessica Jones S. 1

By DomoniDomoni


August we are focusing on Heroines and with The Defenders coming out on the 18th, I figured I should rewatch some of the previous installments to the Marvel Netflix series. So I am breaking down season 1 of Jessica Jones.


Jessica Jones is a PI with power. She is also a closed off cranky drunk. I still kind of want to be her though. Having lost her whole family to a car accident when she was young, she was adopted by a woman whose only goal was to create good PR for her daughters acting career. As she recovers from the accident, Jessica realizes she has powers. She is incredibly strong. As she witnesses the abuse her adopted sister Trish faces, she uses her strength to protect her and they forge a close bond.


Now adults, Trish is an icon and has her own radio show and Jessica is a damaged isolated person. When she gets hired to find a missing woman, her investigation leads her to the man who held her captive. Kilgrave is also gifted with powers. He can make anyone do anything with his voice. When he met Jessica he became obsessed  with her and wanted to make her love him. He forced her to kill a woman which somehow broke his control over Jessica. She has been trying to get over it ever since.

Somehow, Jessica began following Luke Cage, the husband of the woman she killed. When she finally meets him, there is a chemistry between them. They become lovers until and eventually they realize they both have powers. Luke is bullet proof and strong.


As the hunt for Kilgrave continues, Luke finally learns Jessica had a part in killing his wife. Kilgrave convinces Jessica to live with him to protect the people she cares about. He has returned her childhood home to the exact state it was in when her family died. Jessica spends a few days there and tries to get Kilgrave to use his abilities to help people. She eventually realizes he will never be a good person and devises a way to trap him.

They are able to catch him and put him in the Kilgrave proof cage. Jessica finds his parents to try and get a reaction out of him. The plan goes very wrong and he is able to escape. He is able to track down dear old dad to make his powers even stronger to try and control Jessica again. Though his powers do increase, they still don’t affect her.


Kilgrave is able to control Luke and get him to attack Jessica. She has to shoot him in the head with a shotgun. He gets knocked unconscious and the hospital can’t help him. Marvel’s favorite nurse Claire is there to save the day though. She helps get Luke back to Jessica’s office apartment. Jessica has a moment laying with Luke where she tells his unconscious form how she could have had a future with him and all her regrets. The she leaves him with Claire to go take on Kilgrave again.


This time when she finally confronts him, he has a large group of people controlled around him. As he tries to escape, he orders them to kill each other. Jessica and Trish try and stop the fighting as she makes her way through the crowd to him. He sees her and yells at them to stop. Jessica stops too. Kilgrave notices Trish and orders her to join him. He tells Jessica, who he thinks is faking being enthralled, that he will keep Trish forever and if he sees her again he will kill her. As Jessica doesn’t react to this, he realizes she is finally under his control again. His obsession with her takes over in his excitement and he tells her how he knows eventually she will really love him. He finally moves close enough for Jessica to grab him, and break his neck. He never did become stronger than her.

Jessica Jones dives into some seriously dark content. Rape and consent are one of the major underlying themes. Looking past the superhero picture, this is a powerful series. The cast was amazing and truly evoked their characters flaws and strengths. I can’t wait for The Defenders and Jessica Jones season 2.




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