Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale by Ashley Poston

By Domoni

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Elle is a total geeky fangirl. Her mother died when she was very young and her father remarried. When he tragically passes away, Elle is left to live with her stepmother and two spoiled stepsisters. To help get over her pain Elle throws herself into the fandom she was raised to love with her parents, Starfield. She runs a blog and breaks down her feelings over each episode and fan theory. When a long rumored reboot becomes reality and the movie lead is cast, Elle’s angry post about the pampered untalented hotshot goes viral. The casting almost feels like a violation to something that she holds sacred, her connection with her father.

Darien is so excited to be cast as Prince Carmindor in the movie reboot of his favorite scifi series. The Starfield fandom doesn’t believe in him though. His biggest gig was as a teen heartthrob in a soap style high school drama, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t passionate. Before he became famous, he loved Starfield and going to cons with his best friend, until that friend sold him out with picture to the media. When his manager dad sets him up to appear at Excelsicon, he freaks out. Darien tries to get out of it, he looks up information about the people who run the convention and texts the founder to say the Prince can’t appear.

Elle doesn’t have much, her step mom makes her use her dads ancient cellphone. So when she gets a random text from someone about Prince Carmnidor not being able to attend Excelsicon, she doesn’t think much about it. Her father founded that convention after all and she is sure the text is just from some random cosplayer. But as sometimes happens, a wrong number text can turn into a conversation and suddenly Elle and the Prince are growing close over their shared love of Starfield. Things at home are just getting worse though. Elle’s step mother is going to sell her house. She just wants to get away, so when Elle finds her parents cosplays in the attic, she decides to go to Excelsicon and enter the cosplay contest. The winning prize is a ticket to LA for the movie premier. If Elle wins, she will leave this town and never look back.  Maybe she will be lucky enough to meet her mystery prince.

I found this book at the library and it looked fun so I picked it up. I started it when I got home and was so immersed in the book I forgot to make dinner. I read it in one sitting and wished there was more. I truly loved this book. Yes it’s a basic Cinderella story with a geeky twist and perhaps I’m a little old for the high school aged books, but it was a fun read I couldn’t put down. What geek girl wouldn’t connect with Elle? The magical night at the comic con masquerade ball was beautiful.

The story alternates from Elle to Darien’s perspective with each chapter, so you can be invested in both sides of the story. Neither of them have a great family life and it is easy to see why they connected. The author crafted a lovely world around them and the characters made sense. I would happily read more from this author.

5 out of 5 stars

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