Game Of Thrones S. 7 EP. 7: The Dragon And The Wolf

By Domoni


The season finale arrived last night, much too soon for many of us. This short season flew by faster than a raven on a mission. As we digest everything that happen in last nights extended episode, we face the reality we may not know what happens next for almost 2 years. With only 6 episodes predicted in the final season, why are all signs still pointing to a premiere date of 2019. Because Game of Thrones is cruel, that’s why. So let’s recap the finale and then share our feelings in the comments.


The scene opens with Grey Worm and the unsullied in formation outside King’s Landing. Good to know he is alive, but how the hell did they get there seemingly unscathed. Last we saw the unsullied army, they were in Casterly Rock and all their ships were destroyed. Meaning they would have to walk and fight their way across Westeros. They look pretty fresh and rested though.

Bron and Jaime are preparing the men at the walls, putting on a brave face. Perhaps they can win outlast them. Then the horde of Dothraki Screamers thunders over the hill and files through the neat lines of unsullied to howl menacingly at the walls. Jaime seems to fully grasp how fucked they are if those armies attack.


The boats carrying Jon, Tyrion and the royal entourages come into sight of The Red Keep. Jon shows just how Northern he is by looking awwed. He asks the population and questions why anyone would choose to live that way, crammed into a city. Tyrion answers in a very Tyrion way. There are more jobs and better brothels.

The group marches to the meeting point. Bronn and the Lannister army meet them on the way, escorting Brienne and Podrick. We get a nice bit of fan service with the start of some more reunions. Pod, Tyrion and Bronn walking the road together again, and jokes about Podrick’s magic member. Brienne and the Hound discuss Arya and she tells him the young Stark has returned to Winterfell. He asks who is protecting her and Brienne lets him know the girl is no longer in need of protection. Which gives us a rare warm smile from the younger Clegane.


The groups file into the meeting place. Three seating areas ready for the three warring factions. Cersei arrives with more of the Lannister guards  and of course The Mountain. Which brings us one step closer to the epic showdown between the Cleganes. The Hound confronts The Mountain, remarks on how awful he looks and lets him know he is still going to kill him before stalking off.

Daenerys flies in on Drogon with Rhaegal menacing nearby. She dismounts in epic fashion and calmly walks to her seat as we all see Cersei fume that she didn’t make her own epic fashionably late entrance.

Euron tells Theon he has Yara and he will kill her if he doesn’t submit. Everyone rolls their eyes as obviously this meeting isn’t about him. Tyrion takes point on the talking. He begins to break down why there’s no time for squabbling because bad things are coming, but Euron has to wave his dick around a little more and makes dumb remarks about dwarves before everyone tires of his shit and tell’s him to sit down and shut up. Tyrion goes back to the important conversation. Cersei looks nonplussed so they bring out their proof.


The Hound carries in the wooden crate and opens it. Nothing happens, so he sucks up his courage and kicks the box over. The wight shrieks out and beelines for the Lannisters who look incredibly terrified. It almost makes it to Cersei before a chain reaches its end and the dead man is yanked back. The hound cuts it in half and it keeps fighting, he chops off its arm which keeps moving. Qyburn, the monster maker,  is intrigued and picks up the arm to examine it. Jon comes in with a little bit of the hot professor vibe and takes the arm from him. He has his torch lit and sets it afire. He lectures the crowd on the only ways to kill a walker, fire and dragonglass, which he then stabs into the torso of the wight making it finally still.

The group gets back to the talking. Euron asks if the dead can swim, when the answer is no he takes his boats and goes home. Cersei accepts the truce if Jon promises not to take sides, Jon does the loyal puppy thing and declares how he has already chosen Queen Dany and Cersei walks out on negotiations. Leaving everyone to ask Jon why he couldn’t just fib a little and for him to give a noble Stark speech.


Jaime leaves with Cersei but Brienne follows and tries to reason with him, getting some serious stink eye from his sister lover. He tells Brienne that he has to be loyal to his queen and she tells him this is the wrong time to be all the things I told you you could be.


Khaleesi thanks Jon for choosing her and then tells him he probably ruined everything and if he did her dragon baby died for nothing and she won’t be a happy Queen. He gives her the puppy eyes and says I know I’m an idiot but I’m an honest idiot and someone in the world has to not be a liar and all is forgiven.


Tyrion decides to go talk to his sister and try and appeal to her senses and get her to rejoin the fight. Everyone expects her to kill him. Of course she doesn’t because Cersei loves her family in the end, right? She does her I love my family speech and again uses her pregnancy to make it seem like she could be reasonable. They return to the negotiations. Cersei pledges her armies to fight the dead in the North and promises to not fight with Daenerys till it’s over.

In Winterfell, Sansa and Littlefinger are talking. He is encouraging her to not trust Arya. Laying out all the ways Arya could be dangerous to her and want her dead. Sansa seems to be falling for it. She talks about all the ways it appears she has betrayed her family and why Arya could be upset by that.

At Dragonstone, they discuss travel plans. Dany is going to go on the Boat with Jon of course. Theon stops Jon to ask his advice. He talks about his inner Greyjoy vs. Stark drama and Jon tells him he shouldn’t make them compete, just be both. Then he forgives him and tells him to go save his sister.


Theon heads to the beach where the last of the Greyjoy men are preparing to leave. He tells them they are going to save Yara and the men laugh. Then the mainass spits on Theon and they start duking it out. Theon is losing, he isn’t a great fighter as we already know. But when the big dude gets winded he starts going for the cheap shots. You can’t nut punch a man who no longer has the nuts, so Theon takes the advantage. And like the tides they sail on the men are now loyal to him again and they set of to rescue Yara.


At Winterfell, Sansa holds court. The guards escort Arya in. Sansa raises her voice and states a list of crimes, treason and murder. She asks how do you reply and turns to Baylish taking the whore monger by surprise. Finally, we see Littlefinger in his rightful place, facing the horrible things he did to the Stark family. He pulls out the tired I loved your mother card, then the I love you card and then Arya slits his throat with a smile.


Jaime is giving orders to the bannermen, preparing them for the travels North. Cersei comes in and tells him they will not be fighting the dead. She is a liar and she is going to try and take back all of Westeros while Dany and Jon are busy. Jaime reminds her they have no chance of winning and Cersei informs him that Euron took his fleet to pick up her hired army which will help with that. She also points out the missing dragon. Jaime is pissed and says he promised he would fight the dead and he is going to do it whether she likes it or not. Cersei threatens his life and we finally see Jaime break free from his sisters evil vagina. As he leaves King’s Landing, snow begins to fall in the capital.


Sam rolls his cart into Winterfell. He visits Bran and they chat about knowing secrets. Bran tells Sam who Jons parents are and that he should be a Sand and not a Snow. Sam tells him the truth about the wedding and that Jon isn’t a bastard at all. Bran does his Three Eyed Raven trick and goes back to watch the wedding of the Dragon and the Wolf.


Jon knocks on Daenerys’ bedroom door and she lets him in.

Bran watches Jon’s birth again. He begins to tell Sam all the things Jon needs to know. That his parents were in love. That Roberts war was unfounded. That Jon’s name is actually Aegon Targaryen. And as we seen the naked Dragon and Wolf roll around on the bed Bran tells us all that Jon/Aegon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

At Eastwatch, Tormund and Berick Dondarion are on the wall when the army of the dead finally reaches it. Which is scary enough on it’s own. When the Knight King flies up on dead Viserion, things finally have reached the endgame. The turned dragon breathes bright blue fire, is it fire?, and the wall begins to fall. Tormund tells everyone to run and then things collapse. The dead are walking through the busted wall.


This season was much too short. There was so much that could have been included to fill gaps in the story and give us more of the show we all follow. How did the Unsullied get across Westeros? That could have at least had one episode, considering how they implied they would be met with fights the whole way. Where is Yara? Why doesn’t Bran use his Raven powers to find out the important crap before someone tells it to him?

We are also left with so many questions that will drive us all mad over the break. So what are you wishing you had seen in season 7 and what are your hopes or predictions for season 8? Let us know in the comments.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO or you can stream it on Amazon with an HBO subscription, get 7 free days now and catch up.


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