Marvel’s Gwenpool

By Hannah

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Gwenpool is a force of nature in a pink leotard.  She has no superpowers, but she knows everything there is to know about the Marvel Universe, and apparently gravity is not that big of a deal to her.


In 2015 Marvel was on a Gwen Stacey kick.  Spider Gwen was such a big hit that creators made variant covers that asked the much needed question, “What if Gwen Stacey became (insert popular character here)?”  After trying such character combos as Dr. Strange, Groot, and Wolverine, Marvel came up with the best combination ever.  Gwen Stacey and Deadpool.  There wasn’t even a comic out and fans were cosplaying this character.  


Marvel decided that this needed to happen for real.  We first meet Gwenpool in The Unbelievable Gwenpool 0, where she teams up with Howard the Duck to take on Black Cat’s crew and Hydra.  Gwenpool came to the Marvel Universe through some unknown means.  She isn’t telling anyone how it happened.  She is a rabid fangirl and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Marvel, therefore she knows everyone’s secret identity, power, weakness, underwear preference, etc.  This also means that she’s a fourth wall breaking bad ass.


Have you ever read or written a self insert fanfiction?  Be honest…  I’ve read a few of them, and dreamed of writing one where I show up randomly and slap everyone who annoyed me… The problem with the self insert story, is that you are the hero and can do no wrong.  At first Gwenpool starts this way.  She loves jumping from great heights, driving motorcycles in buildings, and blowing everything up.  But as the story goes on, the consequences catch up with her.


She blows her chances at being friends with superheroes Spiderman and Thor, because she has a cavalier attitude about life and death.  She loses her allies because they are no longer being payed and need to find a new income source.  She even loses her best friend, because he dies and doesn’t want to just be her ghost hacker sidekick.  It’s all fun and games until your imaginary friends turn out to be real.


What I love about Gwenpool, is that she fully embraces the adventure of being a masked vigilante.  She got a costume, grabbed some guns, blew up anything in her path, and relished every drop of chaos that she created.  She also has her heartbreaking moments.  When she can’t be friends with the heros that she loves or when she realizes that she’s a henchman, my throat clogged up.  She’s so close to having her dream life come true.  Sadly, just because it’s fiction for you, doesn’t mean that it’s not a very real world for those around you.  I am very excited to see how Gwenpool deals with the very real consequences of living her fangirl dream.


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