RWBY Marathon Musings

By Courtney and Hannah


It’s August, the days are still sunny,  but not too hot. What better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than to stay inside and have a RWBY marathon?


RWBY takes place in the world of Remnant, where humans have harnessed the power of Dust to fight the Creatures of Grimm.  In that world Ruby Rose goes to Beacon Academy.  She is learning how to be a Huntress.  Together with Weiss, Blake, and her sister Yang, they form team RWBY.


RWBY season 1: aka who the fuck is Ruby?

Aka it’s also a gun

Aka no CAPES!

Aka team RWBY?

Aka can we kick this boy

Aka talk to you friends


Hannah:  I love RWBY.  It is one of my favorite shows ever.  In the beginning the art is odd.  They do a 3D character in a 2D environment, which unless it’s important to the plot, they leave as a black shadow building or person.  It makes it easier to spot important characters and plot devices, but it’s very weird at the same time.  


Courtney: This is my first anime. I’m going to admit that the first five minutes had me wondering what I had agreed to. But after we met Ruby and Yang, my curiosity took over and I was very intrigued. By the end of season 1 I was ready to see where season 2 was going to take us. I like all the characters, they’re all well rounded.


Hannah:  I like all the characters too.  So for the most part it’s a question of degree that I like them.  Weiss starts out as someone I tolerate, but moves her way into fondness.  Yang dive tackled my heart and hasn’t let go.  But my favorite is Nora.  She’s king of the castle, long may she reign.


Courtney: Ruby is a great character too. And I like that she’s the youngest, but that she isn’t annoying. She’s not the strongest, but she tries really hard regardless of what she’s facing, be it a giant monster or a stoney faced Weiss. She is an awkward panda around people and that’s something I relate to a lot. I actually think that’s one of the reasons I like the characters.  I’ve seen myself in all of them at some point or another during the show and it makes it feel grounded even though it’s a fantasy series.


Hannah:  Yeah,  the fact that the characters feel real is a big plus for me too.  Another thing that told me this is a show worth watching, is that guys are not afraid of hitting girls.  That indicates, to me, that they live in a world where men are not encouraged to protect women because they are perceived as weak.  Instead women are encouraged to protect themselves and Hunters/Huntresses are encouraged to protect everybody.


Courtney: I liked this as well, there was no distinction between male and female fighters when they were going to battle each other, the fact that it wasn’t a big deal is kind of a big deal.


Season 2:aka final fantasy rip off?

Aka I will never look at turkeys the same way again

Aka nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts

Aka I still want to kick him



Hannah:  The inspiration gets more apparent and the art gets better in this season.  There are lots of shoutouts to Final Fantasy, Clockwork Orange, and Red Vs. Blue.  The shadow people/scenery are gone!  This season has my favorite fighting depictions.  I love it when multiple people fight together.  How they transition from attacker to attacker.  How they each have their own style, yet manage to work together so well.  It’s beautiful.


Courtney: This season was great because we got to watch them fight more as a team and interact as teenagers and normally I roll my eyes at teenagers, but I liked the sappy dance part. I like watching the way the different members of team RWBY interact with each other. The characters are growing and we get to watch them stumble and get back up.


Hannah:  I love that we get to watch them stumble.  A lot of shows don’t want you to see their characters in a negative light.  This show embraces both the negative and positive aspect of their characters.  They are growing up right before our eyes.  Plus this show advocates self care, which doesn’t always happen in such high stakes situations.


Season 3:  Aka and…Jaune

Aka a tournament

Aka everything is also a gun

Aka queen bee is in town

Aka Winter is coming

Aka now make them kiss

Aka you got hacked, sucker

Aka do you believe in destiny?


Hannah:  Get your tissues ready.  It all falls apart and it may never be put back together again.  This is the first time that we, the audience, experience such a soul crushing defeat.  I don’t like it.  Make it stop.


Courtney: The tournament was crazy and led to more crazy terribleness. The tournament did live up to the hype though and that made me happy. They’d been talking about it for two seasons and it was as cool as I wanted it to be. Which was good considering the shit it led to. One thing I really appreciate about RWBY is the balance they have with the jokes. There are a lot of jokes for a story about people fighting monsters and I really dig it.


Hannah:  Yeah, they pile up the comedy at the beginning of the season, keep the action going throughout, and then smack you with tragedy.  The pacing is great.  


Season 4: aka the sad panda season

Aka new teams

Aka growing pains

Aka family matters

Aka so that’s his semblance

Aka that’s how it ends?!


Hannah:  For every question that gets answered in a season, three more pop up.  It’s never more apparent than in this season.  With everyone seperate, it’s a good time to get to know them and watch them grow.  I do miss Velvet though…


Courtney: This was my favorite season so far. My favorite character Yang has lost her hand and mourns it. It felt like everyone was mourning something, because they were, but they were all dealing with it in different ways. I appreciated seeing how they all dealt with it because it’s a very human experience. Everyone is still in different places for the most part and now I want them all back together.


Hannah:  I’m very excited to see everyone back together.  I think Blake is the character who had the biggest change.  In the previous seasons, she had to learn the hard way that she could rely on her team mates and friends.  She had to learn that she wasn’t alone, and that distancing herself from her friends would not protect them.  Hopefully she is prepared for getting back together with Yang.  It will not be a happy reunion, but I hope it will just be a bump in the road of their friendship.


Courtney: Sometimes when I’m immersed in a world on TV or in a book, I’ll want to make the love interests kiss already, this is the first time I’ve wanted to shove a group of people together for a bear hug. I’m also ready for Blake to get rid of the chip on her shoulder. I want more, I want to watch Ruby save the world because it’s the right thing to do. Her honest chivalrous outlook could be a little cheesy, but I do love the cheese and I’m a sucker for someone doing the right thing.


Season five episodes start October 14th on Rooster Teeth FIRST, before rolling out on other platforms.  You can get seasons one through four on Amazon or watch it on Youtube as individual episodes.  RWBY is an amazing show with complex characters, great moves, and laugh out loud humor.



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