What started as a group of friends in a bookclub, has become something more. We all enjoy reading, but there is much more to the things we are passionate about. We decided to start our own group and create a blog where we could share those passions with other like minded individuals in the world. We will cover topics ranging from reviews of books, movies and television, to subscription boxes, video games, toys and all things pop culture.

Follow along as we find our way and learn a little bit about who we are and what we love.


Domoni is a mom to two boys and many pets. She enjoys reading and general geeky things. Domoni loves sci-fi and fantasy and has a special obsession with Alice in Wonderland and all things Zombie. She resides on a small family farm in SW Washington state.


Courtney is an avid reader who fell into the world of comic books a couple years ago; thank you Gail Simone. She shares her love of all things Joss Whedon with her husband Andrew. She also loves designing and creating custom subtle nerdy clothing. She and her husband live in the Beaverton area, close to all the cool author signings.


Hannah is a dork. She likes bad puns, funny movies, good books, and board games. She mostly communicates through weird noises and interpretive dance. Give her chocolate, tacos, and a rum and coke and she is a happy girl.


Abigail K and Rob C will be contributing an occasional piece called, ‘A Geek Abroad’, highlighting significant places in pop culture around the world (but mostly Europe). Rob and Abigail met in San Francisco at an MLP convention and now live together in Kendal, just outside of the Lake District in England with their little dog, Jack.

Abigail is an ex-pat from Portland, OR and was the owner and operator of a geek-themed pastry business called nom*ables. She is a book, movie, and tv enthusiast; some of her favorites include Jim Butcher, Joss Whedon, musicals, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, and many others. Abigail has a deep love of castles that will quickly become apparent as you read her contributions.

Rob is English through and through, the amount of tea he drinks is a dead give away. He likes many of the same pop culture pieces as Abigail, with a penchant for the quirky and unusual.

Add to that his hobby and career as a cartographer, and the stereotypical glasses, and you have one welcome among the ranks of any eccentric egghead across the pond.


Alyssa is a mother and soon-to-be step mom (the good kind). A lover of all things geek, with a passion for movies and movie scores, YA novels and Doctor Who. She lives in Beaverton, Oregon, but will travel for Cons.


Charlene is a mom to four crazy boys and has always been a bookworm. She enjoys reading pretty much anything and loves all things Harry Potter, Supernatural and space related. Her heroes are Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

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