Book Tour: Legacy Of The Mind by H. R. Moore

By Domoni

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Anita is a peculiar woman. In Empire, the people all have an affiliation. Mind, Body, or Spirit, helps them excel in life. Anita is a Body, yet she has incredibly strong Spirit and can read other’s energy as well. When the Descendants, the ruling class, come to Empire for the funerals of the ruling Body and Spirit descendants, and Coronations for the ones who will take their place, Anita is noticed by the descendants. The instant attraction she feels for two of them is confusing and her pride is paving a dangerous path when Austin, the ruling Mind sets his sights on her. Is it possible she is the girl he is seeking that the departed Body ruler was looking for? Will the dramatic drop in the worlds energy be solved? Anita seems to have a role in much more than she had ever anticipated.

I liked this book. The author created a unique world and story that didn’t feel regurgitated like many  of today’s YA books. Though at times I felt like Anita reacted strangely, more like a 15 year old than someone about 25. She was a strong character though, and I found myself rooting for her. The smaller characters added the touch of comedy the story needed, though the romance aspect wasn’t very thrilling to me. Much of the development felt more like tackling a challenge than falling in love.

The book was a good one sitting read though and I would be interested in reading more in this world. I received an arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 out of 5 stars.

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‘I declare this Chase…open,’ Austin roared, as he flung the lid open and a pigeon launched itself into the sky.

Anita watched the pigeon in what seemed like slow motion as it paused for a split second in mid-air.  She used this opportunity to point her energy metre at the bird and lock on to its energy before hurtling down the hill with the rest of the contestants.  About half way down she felt someone shove her forcefully sideways.  She stumbled and almost fell as she saw Gwyn whip past her.  Bitch, thought Anita.  Now she felt justified in hating her.  Two can play at that game, she thought, as she launched herself off a ledge at the bottom of the hill.  She felt like she was flying.  Not missing a beat, she landed, completed a forward roll, and picked up her pace again.  The stunt gave her a bit of a lead, as most other contestants, including Gwyn, she noticed smugly, were taking the path all the way to the bottom, and were stuck in single file as the path narrowed.  Anita knew that Bas would follow her though, and the other Descendants had been behind her, so who knew what they’d done.  She pelted at full speed across a rickety bridge over the river into the dense woodland the other side.  Anita could feel someone coming up behind her.  She knew with energy that strong that it would be one of the Descendants, she just didn’t know which one, and it would waste time and energy, not to mention require risking running into a tree, if she turned to take a look.

She soon got an answer.  As she landed her vault of the fence at the far side of the woods, she saw Alexander’s delicious form recover from his own leap and race away.  Anita picked up her pace to match Alexander’s, not quite believing how fast he was for a Spirit.  They flew across the open field, easily jumping the stream that ran through its middle, and leapt at the steep incline the far side.  Anita felt totally exhilarated.  This was the first time she’d ever been truly challenged in a race, and that spurred her on to new depths of determination.

They reached the hill’s summit and picked their way down the other side back to the river.  ‘You could at least pretend to use your energy metre,’ Alexander jibed.  ‘I’ve already warned you once.’

‘You seem to have a callous disregard for your own safety, whilst being particularly precious about mine,’ she shot back.  ‘Any specific reason for that?’

‘I’m the Spirit Descendant; people would mock me if I couldn’t read energy.  You, on the other hand, are a Body, with, as it turns out, exceptional Body skills, as well as significant Spirit abilities.  You are not what you might call normal, and this is a dangerous climate in which to stick out.’

‘Well you seem to have remarkable Body skills for a Spirit and seem to be fine, so I’ll take my chances,’ retorted Anita, as they reached the river and started jumping from rock to rock to cross it.  The next group of challengers, including Gwyn, Bas and Marcus had reached the summit behind them, and Anita made a show of holding up her energy metre as she crossed the river and pointing in the direction that the pigeon had flown.  ‘Happy now?’ Anita called over her shoulder as she launched into a sprint along the river bank the other side.  Alexander pelted after her, a bit pissed off now.  He’d recently been getting used to people doing whatever he said, and Anita’s disobedience was infuriating.


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About the author


Harriet was born in Germany in 1987, the family returning to the UK, to Dorset shortly afterwards. She lived there until she was 5, her grandfather teaching her the basics of cheating at cards and swindling chocolate, her mother starting to instil a (some would argue) unhealthy relationship with cake, and the neighbours demonstrating that some people don’t understand cherry blossom is there to be picked, mixed with mint and water and sold as perfume.

Then there was Scotland; stealthy guinea pig breeding, riding horses, advanced cards, more cake, then to Devon and school in Exeter. She loved maths in the early years, but by the time she got to A Level, Sociology was her favourite subject, opening her eyes to things she’d never before considered, namely, nobody is really right, nobody is really normal and primary socialisation has a lot to answer for.
At the age of about 12, Harriet started rowing for Exeter Rowing Club. This quickly took over her life and before too long she was clad in lycra, training 6 days a week and competing at events around the country.

After finishing her A Levels, Harriet went to university in St Andrews, studying Philosophy for two years, then switching to Management. She was particularly interested in the ‘people’ elements of her course and especially the areas concerning how people create and react to change. After four very civilised years by the sea, she ventured to London, to foray into the strange world of insurance (surprisingly, more interesting than you might think). She worked as a Project Manager on large change programmes before founding her own consultancy in 2015.

Harriet now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband Chris and daughter Atia. When she isn’t, writing, editing, eating, running around after her toddler, or imagining how much better life would be with the addition of a springer spaniel, she occasionally finds the time to make hats.

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Supernatural S12 E12 “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”

By Domoni


This weeks episode is going to have some ramifications. Mary has been working with the British Men of Letters and they have sent her on an errand. We knew in episode 9 that she was interested in their pitch, yet this is the first time we see she is working with them. Instead of calling the boys for help and filling them in, she hides the truth from them and the Winchesters end up in trouble quick.

This episode plays off like a nod to Tarentino. The time jumps  and changing perspectives, as well as the music all are reminiscent of his films. I loved every second of it. From the opening diner scene to the double cross at the end, I loved the fresh feel which only helped strengthen my feelings about how good this season is.


Mary calls in Cass and the boys to help with a simple demon killing. She also ropes in Wally, another hunter she is using as a pawn to hide her real intentions from Sam and Dean. When the simple task goes seriously south, Cass is mortally wounded, Wally is dead and Mary is shocked by the demons yellow eyes. Turns out the demon is Ramiel a Prince of Hell, cut from the same cloth as Azazel, the big bad from season 1 who killed Mary.

He is essentially immune to all of the tools the boys have and he possess the Lance of Michael. When he stabs Cass with the lance, Castiel is unable to heal himself and begins to slowly and painfully rot. While hiding in a barn to regroup, the boys encounter Crowley, who fills them in on just who they attacked. Turns out Crowley has a deal with the Prince of Hell and he is the reason he had the deadly lance.  He informs them all that there is no cure for Castiel’s wounds and then he leaves to confront Ramiel. That doesn’t work of course and the boys have to fight the demon.


Before Ramiel arrives, Castiel breaks down and tells them to run. He knows just how strong Ramiel is and that he has no chance. He tells the Winchesters how much they mean to him and they tell him to shut up because they don’t leave family behind. (At this point I cried like a baby) Ramiel arrives and gives them 30 seconds to return what they stole. Though the brothers had no idea Mary stole from the demon and she opts out of turning the item over. So they fight. In the end, Sam wrestles the lance away and stabs Ramiel with it and he evaporates. Immediately the Winchesters turn to Cass who is now spewing nasty black goo from the mouth. This is the end for the angel.

Except for one thing, Crowley remembers something said about the lance. He picks up the discarded weapon and breaks it in half. A bright light flashes from the lance as well as from Cass and the angel is instantly healed. All hail the King.


Final scene, Mary is talking with the mannequin man from the British Men of Letters. Shes angry that she was sent in to such a dangerous situation and threatens to destroy the BMOL if it happens again. Then she hands over the stolen item. Surprise, surprise, Mary stole the Colt and she is handing it over to the creeps from across the pond. Oh Mary, how could you.

This episode did give some small clues about the overarching story-line involving Kelly, Lucifer’s baby mama and obviously more questions about the BMOL, are they good or bad, we still don’t know. I though last weeks episode was one of my favorites, then this week came in with a bang. The second half of this season is killing it.

Supernatural airs on the CW network, Thursdays at 8:00 PM

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Book Tour: Ascension by Hannah Rials

By Domoni

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Life is supposed to be perfect and make sense after Cheyenne faces her Ascension ceremony. The simple event should usher in her time of ascension leading up to her affirmation ceremony which marks adulthood for her people. Cheyenne is a Deuxsang, half human half vampire. However, her simple ceremony doesn’t go as planned and Cheyenne knows she is different, but she doesn’t understand what that means. Her affirmation is coming closer and Cheyenne has yet to find her ability. When she meets a handsome young man, Cheyennes feelings become more confused as she learns he is a witch. The Duexsang consider witches to be their mortal enemies. They owe their allegiance to the vampires who protect them and must keep their existence a secret from humans. Spending the summer in New Orleans with her sister and brother in law was supposed to be simple, but it is definitely not.

This was an interesting story. The author writes well and the flow is steady which made it easy to read. Cheyenne is an interesting character and though I felt the author could have filled in a few more holes in her story, she was easy to sympathize with. When Cheyenne meets Eli and begins to fall for the witch the book has an interesting vibe. Somewhat a Romeo and Juliet meets Vampire Academy.

The story has some moments that were predictable, but for the most part, it kept me guessing. The ending was unexpected, and then also abrupt. Cliffhangers like that make me sad that there will be an undetermined wait to know what happens to Cheyenne and her friends.

I received an arc copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the book and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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About the author


As Maryville native and current college student at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Hannah Rials began writing her first novel at age twelve. Eight years later, the result is her newly published YA novel Ascension; a modern day teenage romance filled with “double-blooded” vampires and revenge-seeking witches.

Published by Aletha Press of Maryville, TN, Ascension is Rial’s first novel. When not attending college and spending time with her family, Rials keeps busy by playing with her beloved Corgis, Buddy and Noel, leading a creative writing group at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and cultivating her writing skills.

“I feel like I am living proof that dreams do come true.”– Hannah Rials


Author Links:


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Book Tour: Eye Candy by Pauline Allan

By Domoni

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Gavin has had a rough few years. A bike messenger by day and dancer at night, he does what he needs to to pay his way. He has rules though, and he won’t cross the line just for an extra buck. He is working on his GED and plans to change his life. When the handsome Dutch comes in to the club with a bachelor’s party group, the instant attraction is strong. Dutch is drawn to Gavin and wants to give him more than just tips for a dance, Gavin does not want to feel bought. When the protective feelings Dutch harbor have him following Gavin around all week, the dancer finally concedes to going back to Dutch’s house with him, just to get away from where he is. Respect and graciousness abounds as the men get to know each other without crossing the lines.

This was a really quick read for me. It only took about an hour, the story flows rather smoothly. This is not the typical type of book for me, a very sexual romance, however the writing was good and the author is able to paint the scenes well. It was an ok love story, somewhat reminded me of Pretty Woman. Wealthy man sweeps poor struggling love interest off their feet. Granted Gavin was clearly not a prostitute able to be bought. The story progressed in a reasonable time frame of respectable lusting so I give it points for not jumping into immediate love and sex.

I’m not sure if I am the target demographic for a book about two gay men falling in love, so I will refrain from rating this on a star based system.


Gavin Rossi is one sexy piece of Eye Candy wrapped in a tight body and sweet smile. The hot breath on his neck, the mesmerizing rhythm as he rolls his hips, the strong chest rising and falling beneath his hands make for a distraction he’s terrified to see play out.

When Dutch Williamson feels a set of perfectly sculpted thighs slipping over his lap, the last thing his liquor-hazed brain registers is this is my future. The tempting piece of Eye Candy grinding on his lap is going to cut him at the knees, and he knows it.

This is a dance. This is a tease. God, this is so much more.


Gavin stood by the marble-top island. “We need to discuss rent.” He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his faded jeans. “Between the two jobs, I can pay you something. I don’t expect a handout. I need to do my part.”

Everything had turned upside down. Being alone and content no longer counted for anything good in his life. Once again, the privileges of his birth were humbling. He shut the door. The guy had pride. Fighting the urge to pull those sexy hips into his hands, he passed the island and looked over his shoulder. “You coming? You can pick which room you want and…we’ll discuss the logistics in the morning when you come to the restaurant for your interview.”

He stopped, giving Gavin time to catch up at the staircase.

“You were serious, weren’t you? I um, I really didn’t expect you to offer me a job. I figured I could get a good night’s sleep, you’d wake up and regret asking me to be a tenant, and I’d have to take off, but now it feels different.”

Dutch stopped when they reached the top of the stairs. “I told you, you’re safe with me. If you stay around, you’ll see I’m telling the truth. Every bedroom has a lock. Use it if you feel you need to, but know it’s your space, and I’ll respect that.”

Gavin took the bag to sling it over his shoulder. “What if I don’t want to lock the door?”

Well hell. “Then I’ll need to lock mine.”


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Pauline lives in the Midwest with her hero husband, two handsome boys, one ornery cat, and a lovely Pitbull. She enjoys writing erotic romance for all readers. From MM contemporary romance series to LGBT fairytales, Pauline shares stories that she holds close to her heart. By day Pauline is a special care baby registered nurse and by night a hopeless romantic. She loves to travel to New Orleans twice a year to recharge her creative battery and enjoy a bag full of powdered sugar covered beignets. Sit down, relax and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Come say hello at:

Instagram: paulineallan_author

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Book Tour: The Ashes and the Sparks by Mary Victoria Johnson

By Domoni

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Jorun is a typical teenage girl in many ways. She strains against the boundaries set on her by her parents and feels alive when she is in the secret tunnels with her friends. Only her small group knows about the tunnels and she will spend every night there with her group, especially Torgny. When a stranger finds his way into the hidden underground maze, his story of airships that destroyed his island is hard to believe. When the ships come to her home, everything will change. Wondering if Torgny favors her and fighting with her annoying younger sister are now the least important things in her life. What will she do to save her home?

I enjoyed this novel.The author does a great job creating vivid characters and a world that is picturesque and easy to imagine. From the first paragraph my attention was grabbed and i had no trouble reading this book in one sitting. It did not have any slow spots, though the ending left me wanting. Jorun is an admirable character. She is a strong young woman and I only wish there was more to read about her.

4 out of 5 stars

About the Author
Hi! I’m Mary Victoria Johnson, author of fantastical Young Adult fiction. I wrote
my first novel when I was fourteen, and I haven’t stopped since! Now eighteen,
my bibliography includes BOUNDARY, the first part of the Other Horizons Trilogy (Lodestone Books, 2015) and THE ASHES AND THE SPARKS (Fire and Ice YA, 2016). I was born in Cambridgeshire in the UK, and I now live on Vancouver Island where I study Creative Writing at the University of Victoria.
Author Links:
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Book Tour: Asmodeus by Brooks Hansen

By Domoni

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Modo the great dragon stirs. He has been waiting to reclaim his greatest treasure, since he was poisoned and robbed by Barbatos. Generations have passed and his spies have searched and finally a scent has been found. Modo will have the wyrm-stone, or they will die. The descendants of the long dead Barbatos are twin brothers. Upon their fathers death, their inheritance was divided. Olybrius received the power, title and work of a highborn, his brother  Orabas, the fabled shamir stone.  Margaret is a shepherdess, her father will not claim her and her mother passed when she was a baby. A chance encounter with Olybrius will change her whole life. She is finally of age when the invitation to return to the castle arrives. No more slaving in the cold, she will go to the city and start again. Believing her father is the one who summoned her, she packs up and prepares for the ball. Little does she know Olybrius wishes to woo her and he has stolen the Shamir stone from his brother to do so. Now the dragon has come for it and everyone is in danger.

This story was a fantasy re-imagining of the story of Saint Margaret of Antioch. While i liked the bones of the story, it was a slow read. There was a good amount of redundancy in the first half of the story and some of the descriptions were overly elaborate and drawn out. I feel like a third of the book could be pared out and you would still have a full story that didn’t lose anything. The author can write well and the descriptions paint a lovely image, yet fail to inform the reader on context. I couldn’t decide if the world was an alternate earth, a current timeline or all completely invented with some similarly named places. I have a great love for epic fantasy and I can see how this story wants to be one, but for me it fell below it’s potential due to being bogged down with excessive material. However, underneath it all the, characters are interesting and the story has good bones.

3 out of 5 stars.


His golden eyes flicked open, blinked, and narrowed to a squint as he finally lifted up his great, horned head. He shrugged the veil of wings. He uncoiled from his most precious gem and lumbered upward, following the airborne trail up through the high tunnel to the opening just beside the cataract.

Only his muzzle appeared at first, shining like tar in the slanting sunlight, but even that merest of appearances stirred notice among the hovering hawks and vultures: Look. Be warned and wary. The master had awakened.

His head slid further out, taking in the day. The clouds had lifted. The sky was polished glass, but the familiar whisper was still there, coming from below. Down on the near shore of the inlet was a scuttled boat. Again his eyes narrowed, trying to figure from the tides just how long ago the wreck had occurred, and whether its victims were still on premise. He hoped not. Men had their place, but it wasn’t here.

…He crawled further out onto the ledge and extended his neck toward the curtain of water, which was fuller today than usual, gushing down from the mountains after all that rain. He helped himself to several gulps. He let the bracing cold beat on his head a while, then shook free with a glistening, majestic explosion, lifted his wings and leapt. He glided most of the way down, turning three wide circles in the crux of the fjord, his great spanned shadow dashing along the cliff-side, flicking across the cataract, then across the blue surface below, around and up and around again three times before finally re-meeting him, claw to claw, on the strand beside the boat…


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BROOKS HANSEN is an author, screenwriter, essayist, and teacher. His novels – THE MONSTERS OF ST. HELENA, PERLMAN’S ORDEAL, THE CHESS GARDEN, and BOONE (co-authored with Nick Davis) were all New York Times Notable Books. THE CHESS GARDEN was also selected as a PW Best Book of the Year in 1995. He has written one book for Young Readers, CAESAR’S ANTLERS, which he also illustrated. In 2009 he released his first memoir, THE BROTHERHOOD OF JOSEPH, and in 2005 he received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for his most recent book, JOHN THE BAPTIZER, which was published in 2009 by W.W. Norton. More recently, his fiction appeared in CENTRAL PARK: AN ANTHOLOGY (Bloomsbury USA, 2012), and he has an essay slated to appear in another upcoming anthology THE GOOD BOOK (Simon & Schuster, 2015).

Brooks Hansen is the critically acclaimed author of The Chess Garden and 7 other books, most recently Asmodeus: The Legend of Margret and the Dragon. He has recently launched his own imprint, Star Pine Books. He lives in Carpinteria, California with his wife and children.


Amazon Author PageWebsite Facebook

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A Geek Abroad -Introduction

By Abigail K and Rob C

Hello! My name is Abigail, and along with my other half, Rob, we will be bringing you an occasional piece called, ‘A Geek Abroad’. We’ll be visiting caves, countryside, cafes, and castles seen in pop culture, as well as places of huge historical significance from all over the world (though mostly Britain, where we live). The town we live in is called Kendal and it’s on the edge of the Lake District, a huge National Park containing both England’s deepest body of water and England’s tallest peak. The Lake District has plenty of its own historical significance, being the home of Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth.


A lot of the places we will visit you’ll be familiar with from your favorite movies and TV shows; like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Monty Python, Sherlock and more! Before we dive into those though, I wanted to tell you a little about the differences between England and America and highlight some of the hurdles I have sporadically stumbled over, while trying to integrate into this little Island with a big reputation.

We’ll start with the most basic of Britishisms, tea. As most of you know, the British drink tea like Americans drink coffee…by the bucket. What you might not realize is how ingrained into the culture it is. It’s not just a drink, it’s a requirement. It’s polite, a branch of friendship; it’s comfort, and restoration. When the plumber or electrician pops around to fix that leaky light bulb, you offer them a tea*. When a friend comes over to chat, the first words out of your mouth better be, “Fancy a brew?” Whether someone has broken their arm, or their heart; their pride or just the kettle over at there place…their quandary can be quelled with cuppa.

* “It’s worth mentioning that the ‘Builder’s Tea’ is a very specific blend – Milk, two sugars, and exceptionally strong. The opposite of this; tea which is exceedingly milky and lacking sugar; is known as dishwater.” (Rob says he could write an entire post just about tea)

I suspect it’s something a little magical. A few thousand years of faeries and folklore must have left a lasting impression on the country (and perhaps the tea leaves it imports too). I’ve had tea in many other countries, even the same blend; but it just feels right here…like it’s HOME.

Speaking of things that aren’t the same…language. There are so many words that mean something completely different here than in America. Several times I’ve been halfway through a conversation and realized that we’re talking about something entirely different.

Some Alternate Facts:

American British
Pants Underwear
Sweater/Sweatshirt Jumper
Bachelor/ette Party Stag/Hen Do
Crazy/Insane Mad
Angry Also Mad
Dessert Pudding*
Cookies Biscuits**
Biscuits Don’t Exist
Dinner Tea
Fries Chips***
Chips Crisps


*Any dessert is called Pudding, whether it’s cake, custard, cookies, or whatever. They don’t have literal pudding like America.

**There are differences between American cookies and British biscuits though. Biscuits are flatter and harder. Things like chocolate chip are still called cookies. It’s baffling to say the least.

***Fries do exist here, though the word usually refers to thinner potato sticks, like you would find at fast food restaurants. Chips are thicker, more like American steak fries. Though there is no official thickness for chips, it appears that they must be at least 1 cm thick to be categorized thus. Sadly, the webpage for the British Potato Council on has been shut down, but THIS still exists, so maybe we’ll be OK after all.

There is a special type of salad dressing (more prevalent than any other) called ‘salad cream’. Bread is always buttered, instead of mayo or mustard. Their hot dogs come in a can. Their Toad in the Hole involves sausages and Yorkshire Pudding (which is neither pudding nor pudding) instead of just an egg fried inside a slice of bread. Their bacon is much closer to ham and the stuff we Americans covet is called ‘streaky bacon’ (I still think it’s way more delicious). Indian Cuisine is huge, Britain has ‘curry houses’ here like the southwest has taquerias.

In non food-related areas, you’ll find more roundabouts than regular intersections and I’ll admit, it works better. Higher education is always referred to as University or Uni because their ‘college’ is the equivalent to the last two years of high school in America (at least age-wise, the actual education is entirely different). There is a pub in the town we live in that is over 100 years older than the United States; not just the building, the actual business has been around that long!

The age of this place impresses upon you a deep feeling of…settlement; this is the way things are, this is how they’ve always been, this is how they’ll always be. Different as it is, this country is endlessly fascinating and is steeped in so much history that I’m convinced the cold, wet weather is actually just a high concentration of ghosts. I am quite excited to share this place, its history, its castles, and discover all the ways it has permeated the things we all love as geeks. Join us, would you kindly?

We’ll leave you with one of our favorite photos of the Lake District, taken on a hike up Rannerdale Knot in Buttermere.
TTFN, Abigail and Rob


Supernatural S12 E11 “Regarding Dean”

By Domoni


This weeks episode is a one off, unlike last week’s episode, it does not seem to have anything to do with the flowing narrative about the nephilim. It opens with Dean chasing someone through a dark forest at night. He is able to get a shot off, but the man, as we quickly learn, is a witch and he casts a spell that sends Dean flying. The next morning, Dean awakens in the woods with no apparent recollection of the nights events. He reunites with Sam for breakfast assuming he has a hangover. After a very attractive young woman slaps him, he attributes the headache and memory loss to an epic night.

As the brothers resume the case they had only recently started working on, Dean seems to be more in a fog and has trouble remembering things. When they leave the morgue, after discovering the case does involve witches, Dean almost wrecks Baby then forgets his own name, the brothers concern grows. Returning to their hotel Dean is unable to name the members of Bon Jovi and calls a lamp a light stick, Sam realizes that Dean must have been hexed and things are getting worse. He calls Rowena for advice, she tells them to kill the witch who cast the spell.


At this point the brothers attempt to retrace Dean’s forgotten steps, which leads to some interesting moments where Sam gets to tell people Dean was roofied. Security tape at a bar Dean had visited shows him confront the witch and chase him off. Their walk fills in the time with Sam continuously reminding Dean who they are. The fact that they hunt monsters and their best friend is an angel continues to thrill the confused Dean, showing a Winchester is a Winchester even when they forget what a Winchester is. When the Winchesters track the woods where Dean woke up, they find the remains of the spell used to attack Dean and then unfortunately the body of the witch.

The rarity of the spell used to create the mementoesque fog, brings Rowena back to town to help. Of course she knows the family that uses this type of magic and they have a very powerful book. Which means she is there to help, and attempt to get her hands on the black grimoire. She arrives at the hotel room, which is covered in yellow post it notes reminding Dean the name of ordinary objects, and tells Sam where to go and what to do. Sam rushes off to kill the witches and retrieve the grimoire. We get one of the epic emotional scenes that Jensen Ackles does so well when Dean stares into a mirror trying to repeat who he is and what matters most to him so he won’t forget. (bring forth the fangirl tears)


Sam’s assault on the witches house does not go so well and he is captured. The witche’s plan to bring back their deceased brother by swapping his soul for Sam’s, when Rowena busts in to join the battle. She is overpowered by the blonde witch rather quickly. Cut to Dean waking up in Baby and following a trail of post it notes to the weapons he needs. He bursts into the house and slays the witch fighting Rowena. When the male witch and Sam burst down the stairs, he is unsure who is the witch until Sam shouts it out to him and one shot ends the threat.

Rowena has the grimoire and casts a spell. When Dean and Rowena return, Sam is anxious to see if his brother will know him. Now we get one of the epic emotional Jared Padalecki scenes as Dean claims to not know him and Sam looks devastated before Dean reveals he is a joking ass. They retrieve the dark book from Rowena and things are back to normal for our boys.


This episode was fantastic. I loved it in the way I loved the episode Baby. The brothers are at their best when they are about each other. We got no information about the overall storyline aside from a casual mention that Cass is still hunting Kelly but if the Season continues in this manner, it may be one of the best.

Supernatural airs on The CW Thursdays at 8:00 P.M.

Eventful: Annie Bellet Book Signing

By Courtney

Annie Bellet

Portland is home to one of my favorite places in the world, and that place is called Powell’s Books. There are a few locations within the greater Portland area, including one a few miles from my house in Beaverton. Powell’s regularly has author signings, where authors come to promote their new books and sign copies of their work for people. It is a really great way to meet people, and you can also learn a lot about authors by the way they interact with the people who buy their books. Meeting authors is also one of my favorite reasons to go to comic con; I’ve actually stopped buying certain comics after witnessing authors repeatedly being rude to their fans. I have yet to witness a book author doing this however. My point is, meeting authors is important because there is a lot of content to read and absorb in the universe and not a lot of time to do it in. When authors are rude, I stop buying their product.


Annie Bellet writes the book series the Twenty Sided Sorceress; she stopped by Powell’s in Beaverton on January 4th 2017. I had just finished reading her first anthology; Level Grind which I have reviewed, and she was there to promote her second anthology Boss Fight. I wanted to meet the woman writing the nerdiest, coolest female heroine that I had ever read. I have been to several book signings at Powell’s and I can honestly say that they’ve all been fun and a little different from each other, but they generally all follow the standard question and answer formula. I thought this book signing was going to be more of the same and I was looking forward to it. Annie arrived and the first thing I noticed was the Firefly leggings she was wearing and the Firefly tattoo on her arm. Nothing warms me to people faster than a mutual love of Firefly; I was pretty sure I was going to like this woman.

The clock hit seven and Annie Bellet was introduced to the small crowd of people excited to see her. She started off by informing us that she was not going to read any of her book out loud, but that instead she was going to lead the group through an incredibly simplified D&D campaign. There were no character sheets, nothing complicated, just one half of the group was a knight and the other half was a rogue and we were going through a dungeon together. As an introvert, I got a little anxiety when Annie told us of her plan, however; she is a great story-teller and before I knew it, I was caught up in our quest into the dungeon with the rest of the crew. The campaign was a lot of fun and it made this signing easily one of the best events I’ve ever been to at Powell’s. Annie Bellet is everything I hoped she’d be and more. She was genuine in her love of being a nerd girl and you can tell it’s a huge part of her life. If Annie ever does more signings, I would go again in heartbeat and I recommend her events as a fun evening out.



You can find Annie Bellet online at her website http://anni/ and on facebook.

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Book Tour: First Comes Desire by Tina Donahue

By Domoni

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Diana is a proper English woman. Her mother passed away when she was 8 and her overbearing religious father died when she was 17. Diana essentially raised her younger brother Peter, and when she thought he had been kidnapped by pirates, she would stop at nothing to save him. Diana promises the sleazy Bishop her body in exchange for his ship and crew. She plans to capture the pirates and save her brother. Things are not what they seem, when the pirates are located. Tristan is gorgeous, intelligent and arrogant. He claims he would never have hurt Peter, and the boys obvious devotion seems to back that fact. Diana hates the pirates, yet immediately Tristan and Diana feel a physical attraction that changes everything.

This book is a rather typical bodice ripper. A book with more interest in sex than plotline. Many people dig this type of romance novel, that’s the basis of an entire publishing company after all. For me personally, I would rather have less plot holes and more emotional investment. The authors writing is actually very well done, a few word choices that I would have reconsidered, but they paint the pictures in your mind well. The sex scenes are pretty graphic and interesting and will be sure to excite the readers who look for that.

As for the story itself, it wasn’t great for me. It was a quick read and the plot itself, I enjoyed. However, deciding they had this extreme lust in moments of meeting, especially considering the rage and hatred Diana harbors, pushed things too quick for me. She wanted him dead, yet concedes to marry him the next morning. Within 48 hours they are completely in love. I would have rather this entire thing developed more.

I also did not understand the route taken with the Island girl, and Tristan’s exlover, Canela. She is in a rage and wants Diana dead and makes it clear and he tells her to behave and promises her more riches. He is more forceful with the wife he is wooing than the jilted ex who meant nothing to him.

Overall, the book was ok. If you are a big fan of erotic romance, this may work for you. It is a fast read and the authors writing and pace make it pass quickly. They sure hit a home run on the cover image though, that is a hot pirate.

3 out of 5 stars.


Tristan advanced so quickly Diana had to step back and ran into the wall.

He pulled her close. “You shan’t have time for a lover. I intend to keep you quite busy.”

His mouth was on hers, his kiss possessive and hard. Not even a moan could have escaped her. He used her fully, with a husband’s right, and pressed his lean hips into hers, making certain she knew his arousal, her duty to satisfy him for as long as he desired.

She yielded. Not from fear but the feelings he stirred. She didn’t want to wound him, nor did she want him to hurt her.

At last, he seemed to understand. His kiss grew tender and exploring, then finally torrid. Their tongues battled to see which one would fill the other’s mouth. She won a few times and so did he, the bawdy sounds they made proving satisfaction.

When they’d finished, he looked sheepish.

Not knowing what to say, she stroked his cheek, careful not to touch the scratches she’d given him.

Smiling, he captured her hand, led her down the hall past numerous rooms, and stopped at the last. He pushed the door open and escorted her inside.

Polished white marble covered the floor, the same as in the hall, the ceilings high, windows large, facing trees and a clearing to show the distant water. It sparkled blue-green, matching the silk sheets on the large mahogany bed.

Never had she witnessed anything as imposing or as inviting. Given what had transpired between her and Tristan in the hall, she had no doubt what would soon happen in here. Their bedchamber for all time.

Tina will be awarding ebook copies of the three titles in her Dangerous Desires series – Loving Lies (Book One), Wicked Whispers (Book Two), and Passionate Pursuit (Book Three) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Follow along with the tour for more chances to win.

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Tina Donahue is an Amazon and international bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for traditional publishers and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic novels (Freeing the Beast, Come and Get Your Love, and Wicked Takeover) were Readers’ Choice Award winners. Another three (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the EPIC competition. Sensual Stranger, her erotic contemporary romance, was chosen Book of the Year at the French review site Blue Moon reviews. The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for her erotic romance Lush Velvet Nights. Two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition. Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). She’s featured in the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, Tina worked at a major Hollywood production company in Story Direction.

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