Book Tour: Anomalies by Sadie Turner and Colette Freedman

By Domoni

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I would like to thank the authors for a copy of this audio book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

In a not too distant future, war and pollution have ravaged the land. Now the government regulates life, to maintain the peace. Children are sent to camp at the age of 5 and are matched with their future partner. When they reach the age of 15, the children return to Camp Monarch. There, they are imprinted with their match and prepared for life as an adult and the roles they will fulfill in their future. Once a couple imprints, everything changes. Keeva Tee is 15, her and her friends are excited to return to camp and be reunited with their partners and finally imprint and know them on a stronger, bonded level. Though rumors abound that sometimes a teen will not imprint, they are the anomalies. When Keeva has watched her closest friends be reunited and imprint with their future mates, she starts to worry. As the crowd thins, her fears are realized. Keeva is an anomaly. Now she has less than a month to possible imprint on one of the other 6 matchless teens, but how will that happen and does she even want it to.

As the unmatched teens are refocused, Keeva and fellow anomaly Kai begin to wonder what happens to anomalies who never imprint? And why does it seem that once you imprint, you stop caring about everything that mattered before. Keeva doesn’t want to lose all that makes her who she is. When they learn that their curiosity isn’t only a problem for them, the anomaly teens learn about the resistance who are fighting against the Global Government. Maybe there is more to life than the one dictated when they were children.

I enjoyed this book in the audio format. This is not a format I have been familiar with in the past and I worry I missed things in moments of distraction. Even if that is the case, I greatly enjoyed this story. The authors created a vivid believable world with strong characters and a wonderful tale to tell. I loved the insight into Keeva’s mind. She was intelligent and independent. Her desire to find meaning in life as well as locate her long lost sister and rescue her missing father, propelled Keeva into a life with the resistance. She was obviously special, even if she didn’t understand it. Keeva’s relationship with Kai was well written. I spent the first portion of the book hoping they couple would not be cliché and develop the instant love prevalent in stories. Then when it appears they wouldn’t develop a relationship I started wanting so much more for them. The path the story places in front of the young group is hard and fascinating. When I came to the end of the story I yelled out loud and startled my family. I cannot wait for the next book to see what happens to the characters.

The narrator of this story has a soothing voice with a light accent that aided in her story telling well. The book flowed and was captivating. I greatly enjoyed all aspects of this book. Those who enjoyed the Matched series or typically likes dystopian novels will enjoy entering this world.

5 out of 5 stars.

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